Usher and Tameka Foster: The I Do Details

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You may hate the union between Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster, folks, but one look at the photo below reveals just who does approve of this relationship:

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

Tameka Foster and Usher

Indeed, if the potential leader of the free world doesn't have a problem with this pairing, why do celebrity gossip followers despise it so much? Maybe the insightful Cisco Adler knows.

Usher spoke to Us Weekly about he and Foster's marriage, along with his plans for the future.

"It was beautiful and private," the R&B singer said. "We didn't have a first dance â€" but we had a lovely, intimate dinner filled with candlelight and flowers."

Wait, Usher didn't have a first dance?!? Isn't that sort of like Paulina James not having a first orgasm?

The couple's plans now are simple: to have a larger wedding ceremony ("sometime later in the year, or after the baby is born," Usher said) and to "prepare for the birth of our first child."

Sounds reasonable to us. As Trista Sutter can relate to, having a child isn't easy. We wish these two the best of luck with it.


i do agree on that, usher should've had stay with chili. The long time relationship they had, it aint stoppin nuttin even if hes married wih his new wife. he should have listen to his mother. And plz that baby has to be not his. if so i would laugh my butt off.


usher use to be mii boo until he married that ugly ass old lady he should of stayed with chilli she only had one son and she much prettyer then his wife now she only what usher for his money and i hope he singed a pronup on her ass couse she look like a gold digger usher boo u should of listened to ur mother cus now u in it and i dont think the baby is urs


What is up with the grammar people are using. I understand most people use acronyms now and slang, but this is not acceptable. You folks can't spell, your grammar and punctuation is all wrong. Read this crap before you post it, so you do not look straight up stupid!!


It is a TRAGEDY what chick is doing. She has 3 kids, I hope they all have the same daddy. She should not be having Ushers first kid. That is BS. Tameka, plays the baby game. Having babies is what she does. How appropriate to get married at his attorneys office, cuz they had to sign the prenupt anyway. She will still get bank when it ends cuz she got money in the tummy.


please baby what baby they are ready have the child and the baby belong to her ex and its a boy. marryed ? bs he marryed her jus for the baby when until he found out out that the baby boy is not his after all. what a fool. i give them less then a year usher will finnly comes to his sences and know all long that his women was after his money thats what she doing now usher didnt dance with her?when my sister got marryed she was carrying her frist child in her tummy her husband dance with her and didnt hurt the baby at all. that was stupted to say that then agian usher women told him to say that.


Usher is a looser. His wife is an OG. He did not see this one coming! He is NOT the player I thought he was......!!!

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