The Hills Recap: Spencer & Heidi Meet the Parents, Lauren & Audrina Talk About Feelings

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Monday's episode of The Hills started with LC and pals at beach BBQ thrown by Brody Jenner in Malibu. Once again, it's a tad annoying that we went in knowing he broke his finger during a football game on the beach. But it was, for the most part, entertaining.

The bash, of course, happened on the same weekend that Brody's quote-unquote publicist, Spencer Pratt, was asked by Heidi Montag to go meet her parents in Colorado.

Mostly Plastic

Brody was upset to hear this, and ripped Spencer for going, calling him "married guy" and saying that a true pal "wouldn't flake out on his homies." True dat, yo.

By and large, Spencer did a nice job with Heidi's folks, although we take serious issue with Heidi saying she always wanted a guy like her dad - and that she got that in Pratt. We found Heidi's dad to be a nice, normal guy, thus making this statement really confusing.

Later, Heidi tried at length to justify her love for Pratt, and Spencer himself was awkwardly thrust into the "heart-to-heart" talk with Mr. Montag. Somehow, the evil one utilized his Revenge of the Sith mind-control techniques to seem like a normal human.

Back at the party, Audrina Patridge was having a great time with boyfriend Justin-Bobby. For some reason, she was all about this guy. That is, until he started flirting with other girls, then ditched the event without telling anyone.

He even left Audrina's bike helmet at Brody's. Classy move.

Lauren Conrad then consoled Audrina Patridge after she miraculously realized what the rest of America already knew - that Justin-Bobby is an absolute waste of space.

In the immortal words of LC: "Homeboy wore combat boots ... to the beach!"

Amen. By far the cutest part of the season so far came when a teary-eyed LC and Audrina Patridge began talking about love and boys in front of the fire - having had a few too many drinks at the party - while trading the requisite hugs and supportive comments.

Awwwww. For one scene, The Hills felt like actual reality again. Cute girls drinking too much, talking about feelings and saying how much they love each other after one of them is spurned by a guy! Who hasn't seen this 50 times at parties!?


when did heidi and spencer meet


That was Heidi's step-father, not her biological father.


Spender is a twink!


Spencer is a psychopath.


Has anyone heard the new song Tatto by Jordin Sparks? It is great!


I can't believe I'm so wrapped up in this show but damn it, it is so entertaining. heidi is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. Spencer is so obviously manipulating her. He tries to say Lauren wants heidi all to herself, but really he's the one that wants that. I just feel really bad for her at this point. (maybe not that bad)She's in so deep now and eventually everyone will just be saying "I told you so"


I highly doubt that heidi's parents enjoyed their time with heidi and "fiance" spencer. Her mother kept bringing up the fake that heidi has no friends because of spencer (true, she was not fooled), and her father knew that heidi has everything invested in spencer because again she has no friends because of spencer. young and naive. They need to both do some growing up before they become the next divorced and feuding couple.


"By and large, Spencer did a nice job with Heidi's folks..." Are you kidding me? He did a terrible job and he convinced no one. I got the vibe that her parents hated him. He came off as trying too hard and fake, fake, fake.

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