Spencer Pratt to Haters: Bring it

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Spencer Pratt wants to hear from the haters.

He's inviting fans of The Hills - hundreds of thousands of whom blame him for coming between Lauren Conrad and his better half, Heidi Montag - to go ahead and tear him a new one on his website.

Pratt at the Party

The man knows how to get PR. Please note, though, that we went to take him up on this offer, but at the time of this post, Pratt's official site is down for the count. Get a webmaster, you douche.

And in the wake of recent interviews Lauren Conrad and her anti-Pratt MTV co-stars, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port, the slimy Spencer is coming after LC, the fledgling fashion designer, calling her "a spoiled brat" and accusing her of using Montag to get attention for herself.

Of course, Spencer or Heidi calling someone a spoiled brat is like Britney Spears calling someone a white trash train wreck.

Spencer Pratt also chimes in on the alleged Lauren Conrad sex tape, rumors of which surfaced earlier this year.

Pratt claims that Conrad destroyed the sex tape made she with her troubled ex-boyfriend, Jason Wahler. Conrad has implied, not so subtly, that Pratt and Montag leaked the rumors of the tape, which she denies exists or ever did.

But Spencer Pratt is threatening Conrad, a Teen Vogue intern and student, saying he and Montag are willing to take a lie detector test to vindicate themselves.

Well then! The Hills third (and likely final) season starts August 13, and there's already plenty of drama happening off the air! Will Lauren Conrad respond to Pratt's nonsense? Will Speidi follow through on its engagement and actually tie the knot? Stay tuned.

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what is his site so i can tell him what I think of him