Spears Custody Battle Update: K-Fed is Broke, Britney is Nuts, Larry Rudolph Got Served

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Britney Spears makes $737,868 a month. Not a small chunk of change. At the same time, Kevin Federline earns somewhere in the neighborhood of jack $h!t.

This is according to the New York Post, which has the latest documents in the white trash couple's ongoing - and increasingly nasty - custody battle.

Britney Spears "is clearly the moneyed party in this case," said Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, in papers filed Monday in Los Angeles.

Kevin Federline is hoping to win 70/30 custody of their children and MACS (massive amounts of child support) from Spears.

That and $150,000 for his legal bills.

FedEx is broke, his lawyers admit in the filing - his income totaling zero after business expenses, despite $20,000 a month in spousal support Britney Spears is shellin' out already.

Those monthly payments stop November 15.

Federline's lawyer also demands that Spears stop stalling and pick a date to be grilled on the stand. The deposition needs to happen fast, Kaplan argues - in advance of their next hearing date of September 17.

Britney Spears skipped her previous deposition appointment, which was set for August 20, because her lawyer went on vacation, the papers say.

Already on tap for deposition by Team K-Fed are Spears' former assistants (Alli Sims, Shannon Funk), a "designated sober companion," (!?) her former business manager, and a one-time bodyguard, assistant and nanny (Daimon Shippen).

Her former manager, Larry Rudolph, had been dreading (and trying to avoid) the day when he got served, but that day arrived yesterday in L.A., according to Perez Hilton.

A source close to Rudolph says, "It stinks. [Larry] was trying to stay out of it and keep a low profile but he obviously didn't keep it low enough. He didn't want to get involved."

Over the weekend Rudolph, told Ryan Seacrest that he was on the run, and didn't want to say where he was. He didn't want to be served because he said it won't be good for Britney, who he remains loyal to despite the fact that the loon gave him the axe undeservedly.

Kevin Federline: Not a man with a high net worth. Or any sort of talent.

Earlier this week, an attempt was made to serve Britney Spears' friend Sam Lufti - an attempt that ended in a car collision. While FedEx reps say he rammed their car in order to flee, Sam Lufti has said his vehicle was surrounded and rammed by K-Fed's process servers.


/ Hi. I wanted to drop you a quick note to expesrs my thanks. Ia1afve been following your blog for a month or so and have picked up a ton of good information as well as enjoyed the way youa1afve structured your site.


I think this wole thing has become way too publuc. the kids should go to whoever can care for them the best maybe it would be best that they go to family members or someone else both of the parents seem to have deep problems. who would not try and clean up there act for there kids if not then they don't deserve there children.


Nobody should be judging Britney that has not experienced what she is dealing with. She obviously has some issues, we all do, but not all of us have our personal problems blown out of proportion in the public eye. Also, we don't all have someone trying to use our "illnesses" or personal conflicts against us. If Kevin was a good father and a good person in general, he would want the best for his children, he should be trying to help Britney, not make her worse meanwhile using two innocent children as leverage. I wish that I could tell Britney that there are mothers out here who understand her heartbreak and pain and offer her their sympathy and best wishes.


i think kevin is a deadbeat dad and britney is a whore...so neither one should get them...maybe there grandparents would take better care of them


kevin has been there jst 4 d money nothin else and a real man does not go after his wifes money.what a loser!


I think that Kevin Federline may have made some mistakes in his past but that certainly does not make him a bad person to care for and provide for his own two children! I hear all of this talk about "don't take kids from their bio mom" but what about the bio dad? He also took part in creating these kids and he is obviously the ONLY one taking part in the correct raising of them! I hope he gets them permanantly and that she has supervised visits with them from now on. She has had numerous chances to correct her nasty behavior and to abide by Court Orders and has failed to do so. His own ex (whom he cheated on WITH Brinteny Spears) says that he is a great daddy to her two kids with him and that in and of itself in this day and age is amazing for an ex to say! Good luck to Kevin and his boys, they will be much better for it!!


Kevin may be a slime, and certainly a man married for only two years should not get get alimony -- but that's more or less dictated by the state of residency unless there was a pre-nup.
However, depriving someone who seems intenton proving she's an unfit mother is NOT pathetic; it's wise. What is pathetic is a woman who puts her own childish needs ahead of the well-being of innocent babies.


Kevin is a slime, he attorney is a slime, and when you divorce your spouse you don't get to live the same life you lived while married. His attorney needs to learn this and point it out to Kevin. Trying to take children from their biological mother is a pathetic, cruel way to make some money.

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