Silenced! Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Banned From Premiere Party, Told to Zip it By Network

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The Hills doesn't premiere until Monday.

The drama, though, has been brewing for months and boiled over this week.

Speidi Waves to Supporters

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were barred from attending the show's post-premiere party Wednesday night in L.A., a show source tells Us Weekly, due to the couple's feud with co-stars Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge.

Personally, our guess is that the "source" is actually Spencer Pratt, who just chose not to go and decided to phone in this bogus piece of celebrity gossip.

The entire cast has now been prohibited from speaking about each other in the press. To Spencer and Heidi, this is akin to having a limb amputated.

While MTV allowed both Spencer Pratt, 23, and Montag, 20, to walk down the red carpet at The Hills event, "they were not allowed to be at the party while Lauren Conrad was here," says a source, who added that extra security was brought on.

Another source tells says MTV "suspended" Spencer and Heidi from doing any more media to promote The Hills after their repeated trash-talking of LC.

While on Q102 FM in Philadelphia, Spencer Pratt called Lauren Conrad a "stupid girl" who is using the couple to draw attention to herself.

"She's the douche, the psycho," said the douche.

Montag added that she could never be friends with "some lowlife."

After the interview, MTV nearly canceled the couple's appearance on On the Air With Ryan Seacrest Wednesday, but allowed them to do one last interview.

For now, however, "they are on a media blackout."

Another insider says that MTV has decided to gag all parties - including Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port and Audrina Patridge - on the subject matter.

"Tensions were so high, MTV decided to shut it all down," says the source, adding that "Spencer crossed a line with several things he said. And fans of the show take it all so seriously, people were starting to worry about security concerns on all sides."


Who couldn't tell all there photes were staged,get a gripp!In the end (which I'm
sure will be soon) Spencer will drop Hiedi like a bad habbit,or even better yet they will get married he;ll take her money after she has babies,Hum sound familiar.I still say I believe he's gay an using Hidie.


i don't think they have a facination with lc. i do know how it feels to love someone your bf hates and it's not easy trying to keep both happy. heidi followed her heart and lc should respect that! but spencer should have respected their friendship and not pushed heidi so hard. but it's done with now. i wish the couple nothing but the best. heidi's always been a sweetheart.


MTV should just cancel both Spencer and Heidi from the Hills. I TIVO the Hills now and fast forward when these two are on the show. Honestly, why would MTV even give them any air time. Spencer seems to focus so much of his energy on LAuren. He must have a sick facination on her. He complaints about her way too much.

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