Sienna Miller's New Man: Rhys Ifans

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Kim Porter can relax now.

While celebrity gossip reports had Diddy leaving his babies' mama for Sienna Miller, it appears as though this promiscuous actress has found a new man instead: Rhys Ifans.

The British actor with the weird name must have even weirder taste in women, as not many of us would go for Jude Law's sloppy seconds. Especially when we can see Sienna Miller nude without any risk of disease.

But the two look happy below, don't they? Picking up gardening tools like they were Zanessa or some other normal couple. Good for them!

Sienna Miller is seen here with her new man, Rhys Ifans. Odds are high she'll be sleeping with Criss Angel soon, however.

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It's a Welsh language name. Anglicised it would be Reese Evans.


It's Welsh language name. Translated into English it would be Reese Evans.