Pow! Pow! Lauren Conrad Fights Back Against Heidi, Spencer

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Lauren Conrad isn't like Heidi Montag: she doesn't just take everything lying down.


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    lauren is pretty and heidi is kind of as well but heidi is being a total loser man like seriously she listens to what ever spencer has to say and just leaves lauren her use-to-be best best friend just for spencer wow that is retarded i would have never had done something like that. spencer seriously brained-washed her because with out him people would actualy like her but noooo no more to bad.


    my comment to you lauren is don't let that drama mess up ur life..
    also their is plenty of other guys out their..
    your one of the hottiest chick on the hills..


    What I don't get is how could someone be as stupid as Heidi is? Seriously, do you not see what kind of guy Spencer is? Or what you're doing? In my opinion I think Spencer brainwashed her into being some evil heart-less bitch. Or he's doing something to make her acted the way she has been acting. Real friends don't do that. It's pretty sad that they have nothing better to do but to try to make Lauren look like the bad guy.


    Spencer is a total creep/tool/douchebag/manipulator. LC has good values and class. She carries herself very well. She's gonna do ok for herself.


    Love Lauren! She seems like such a good person...all the way around. She is naturally beautiful....something Heidi would never understand. Heidi and Spencer annoy me. I don't even like typing their names. Can somebody please show Heidi a copy of the second season and the first episode is season three.....THIS IS THE GUY YOU PLAN ON MARRYING!!!!


    Honestly, think about it: Heidi and Spencer are running around trashing Lauren, while Lauren is staying on the DL about it. The more someone trashes a person, the less creditable they become. Do the cast members of The Hills actually watch the series once done filming? If so, wouldn't Heidi have seen that after she agreed to move in with Spencer, he was talking to Brody and was still talking about having "the homeboy phone" or something of the sort?


    I Love LC. She is so beautiful. I love the dress she had on the night of the premiere. I cannot wait for the line.


    I think she should move out of LA and go NY. There are too many demons in LA out to get her. She should be very careful.


    Lauren is beautiful. She is a much better person then Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. She was my fav. on L.B and she is my favorite on The Hills . She is naturally beautiful and she is not insecure about herself like heidi who had to get a boob job. personaly i think heidi was pressured to get plastic surgeory by her dumb ass boyfriend Spencer Pratt.


    I am not sure that I would like to grow up in an area so wierdly wrought with fakeness and no one sees it. Heidi does not see Spencer even after the show aired. Lauren my only comment is to not let that area rub off on you more than it already has. Look for the nice guys, there is plenty but maybe you need to move away for a bit to find them. Good Luck!

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