Photo Finish: Christina Aguilera Nude vs. Paris Hilton Nude

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We know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but must Paris Hilton nude photos be copied from the past?

In the September issue of GQ in Germany, the recent jail bird is posing almost entirely in her birthday suit, squeezing a teddy bear who we sincerely hope scrubbed himself clean afterwards.

But - is it just us - or does this cover shot mirror that of Christina Aguilera naked on the cover of Maxim from a few years ago?

Each celebrity is on her knees, each's most private parts are covered by tiny underwear and something over her boobs, each's head is turned to the right.

Take a look for yourself:

Naked Paris Hilton

We'd expect Paris to be a bit more creative. After all, she typically has been with her men: Tyler Atkins and Stavros Niarchos aren't the most mainstream guys to have taken to bed.

Wonder how they feel about tapping such a copy catting piece of ass.


Its vital that we have similar images so that we can compare and contrast :) Its scienific don't you know. Personally I'm going for Christina, but judging by the comments on here some don't agree. To settle it lets get them both to model for my swimwear photography site; I'll take lots of pics of them in the same poses and then we can work out who comes out on top on average! :)


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for more clips and pics with paris hilton go to .... sexyyyyyy!!!


i love to see paris hilton & christina agilera


WOW!!! Videos being watched right now on YouTube


paris is much hotter than christina!


I just think Chris is better i mean way better.. simple as that.

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