Perez Hilton Bashes Lauren Conrad

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Perez Hilton is on Team Heidi.

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    you are lower than dirt no wonder you are not loved did your mom give you away a birth maybe she did. How can a person like you comment or write anything about anyone. Oh because your fat, sloppy have no life an need to just go jump off a building i promise no one would miss you. i really wish hollywood wouln't give dump ass mfs like you the time of day. But i think i know why it is they get to smile behind your fat ass back. bad days for you hilton want to be




    perez is a big fat numhead! hes a total jerk! get over yourself!


    I believe Perez hilton 100% Lauren is a diva who is selfesh and rude. Her show is not even that good. She is a spoiled rich girl. She goes to clubs all the time (she's probably an alcholic) Her show is stupid and corny. She should just get a real job and stop parting then maybe I would respect her more. But right now I just think she is a a diva who only cares about herself and is to self obsorbed to even realize that there is more to life then fashion,looking pretty,and getting drunk(I have no idea what the fun in that is)


    psssh perez is stupid!! if he is on hiedi & spencer side!! hiedi & spencer is the most pathetic people on earth!! hiedi is fugly spencer fugly!! hiedi cant sing for shiit and spencer cant rap!! so give it up already no one likes spenceer & hiedi!!

    Lauren Rocks!


    Oh Perez. The infamous Perez who will do absolutely ANYTHING for the spotlight. Why would Lauren want you at the premiere if she knew that you were going to bash her either way?


    That guy is an a$$ i mean lauren is So much better than himand yea he should get overhimself! I mean really Lauren is so much better than hiedi and spencer. Lauren didnt desever any of this-- if anyone it shoulda been Hiedi!


    Hi, Lauren was at the runway the other night supporting dafur! it was a big event! I taught you would have it in ur webbie but you could add it now! she met up with youtube star/singer MIAAROSE there! if you want to know more miaarose wrote in her webbie and has pics of her and lauren if you want to use them! its



    Perez please you are a loser trying to make a free buck by posting a blog. Go get a real job idiot!


    he thinks hes so big now, he really needs to get over hisself

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