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Remember that Vanessa Minnillo nude photo?

It made us drool.

Birthday Boy and Girl

But this picture of the former TRL host and her boyfriend Nick Lachey just makes us laugh. He's huge! And he's coming right for us!

Imagine if Nick ever hooked up with Brooke Hogan. They'd destroy whatever bed or couch they were on.

Seen here, Nick Lachey is almost as giant as his ex-wife Jessica Simpson's boobs.


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Monday's episode of The Hills started with LC and pals at beach BBQ thrown by Brody Jenner in Malibu. Once again, it's a tad annoying that we went in knowing he broke his finger during a football game on the beach. But it was, for the most part, entertaining.

The bash, of course, happened on the same weekend that Brody's quote-unquote publicist, Spencer Pratt, was asked by Heidi Montag to go meet her parents in Colorado.

Mostly Plastic

Brody was upset to hear this, and ripped Spencer for going, calling him "married guy" and saying that a true pal "wouldn't flake out on his homies." True dat, yo.

By and large, Spencer did a nice job with Heidi's folks, although we take serious issue with Heidi saying she always wanted a guy like her dad - and that she got that in Pratt. We found Heidi's dad to be a nice, normal guy, thus making this statement really confusing.

Later, Heidi tried at length to justify her love for Pratt, and Spencer himself was awkwardly thrust into the "heart-to-heart" talk with Mr. Montag. Somehow, the evil one utilized his Revenge of the Sith mind-control techniques to seem like a normal human.

Back at the party, Audrina Patridge was having a great time with boyfriend Justin-Bobby. For some reason, she was all about this guy. That is, until he started flirting with other girls, then ditched the event without telling anyone.

He even left Audrina's bike helmet at Brody's. Classy move.

Lauren Conrad then consoled Audrina Patridge after she miraculously realized what the rest of America already knew - that Justin-Bobby is an absolute waste of space.

In the immortal words of LC: "Homeboy wore combat boots ... to the beach!"

Amen. By far the cutest part of the season so far came when a teary-eyed LC and Audrina Patridge began talking about love and boys in front of the fire - having had a few too many drinks at the party - while trading the requisite hugs and supportive comments.

Awwwww. For one scene, The Hills felt like actual reality again. Cute girls drinking too much, talking about feelings and saying how much they love each other after one of them is spurned by a guy! Who hasn't seen this 50 times at parties!?

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NOTE: This British Train Wreck watch to be confused with T.H. Gossip's British Babe Watch, which has featured the likes of random, hot chicks from across the pond you'd never otherwise hear of, such as Gemma Atkinson and Keeley Hazell. Just clearing that up.

Lily Allen Wedding Dress

Today, our subject is the Visa-challenged Lily Allen, who shoved a well-known reggae artist off the stage in front of thousands at a concert weekend - prompting him to pour a beer over her head!

After the scuffle, Lily Allen ran off, red-faced.

Supposedly a big fan of Kray's album, "Tales From a Skinny White Boy," Allen took Kray's mic and began mimicking a fake Jamaican accent as a stunned crowd watched.

Kray wasn't hurt in the fray. At least not physically. An onlooker said, "Lily Allen just pushed him off. He wasn't happy."

Kray exacted his revenge by grabbing Allen's pint of beer and dumping it on her. Jah mon!

The audience roared in approval as Allen ran off stage.

Crazy as she is, Allen has a long way to go to catch Amy Winehouse, whose own in-laws are so unhappy with her recent stretch of out-of-control behavior that they're asking fans to say "No, no no" (if you will) and boycott her records.

Georgette and Giles Fielder-Civil, parents of Amy's troubled hubby, Blake, told BBC Radio 5 that their son and daughter-in-law are drug addicts in denial.

Wonder where they got that idea. Perhaps the pics of Amy and Blake bleeding profusely in the street? Here's hoping they don't pull an Owen Wilson.

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No one can claim to know what drove Owen Wilson to a rumored suicide attempt over the weekend, but the New York Post is reporting that a recent fight with a friend didn't help matters.

While the identity of the friend isn't known right now, the story goes like this:

The typically affable actor supposedly took pills and slashed his wrists Sunday morning just after noon, and just after a "vicious quarrel with an unidentified friend," the newspaper said.

He was discovered at home by a "stunned family member."

Wilson was yesterday visited by brothers Andrew and Luke, as well as Samuel L. Jackson.

We hope Owen and Amy Winehouse are both feeling better about themselves this morning.

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Jessica Simpson must love Lauren Caitlin Upton.

Indeed, Miss South Carolina Teen USA made the pop singer look like Einstein Saturday night when she responded to a question from Aimee Teegarden during the Miss Teen USA pageant.

But the gaffe has landed Upton in the national spotlight.  And she told Anne Curry on Today that she simply panicked under pressure:


"Everything did come at me at once. I was overwhelmed, and I made a mistake. I'm human," Lauren said.

People magazine reported that Upton also added she "drew a blank," and "misunderstood." That's for sure.

Meanwhile, pageant host Mario Lopez said that as the meltdown was happening he wanted to help Upton, but was told that he couldn't talk to the contestants while they were answering questions.

"It was a very intense moment," Lopez said. "It's live TV. You don't know what the question is until you get up there. And I believe that she misunderstood it. She went down the wrong road and couldn't figure out how to get back to the right one. I felt really badly for her."

The kind folks at Today also gave Upton, another chance to answer the question. Her reply?

"Personally, my friends and I, we know exactly where the United States is on our map. I don't know anyone else who doesn't. And if the statistics are correct, I believe there should be more emphasis on geography in our education so people know how to read maps better."

Well done, Lauren. And remember: Compared to other beauty pageant contestants in recent memory - such as Katie Rees and Tara Conner - you're very much a role model.

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With everyone from Britney Spears' possible cousin (Alli Sims), to former assistants / lovers (Shannon Funk, Daimon Shippen) to employees at a rehab center she attended being subpoenaed by Kevin Federline's attorney, it's no wonder that those who know Spears are just waiting their turn.

In fact, her former manager, Larry Rudolph, has revealed that his concern over being served has put him on the run.

Confused as F*%k

In emails to Ryan Seacrest, which the metrosexual discussed on his KIIS FM radio show, Rudolph explained that if he were to get served, it would be bad for Britney.

"[Rudolph is] doing his best to hide from Federline's process server," Seacrest revealed. "He's actually on the run, if you will... he doesn't want to say where he is and he doesn't want to get served because it won't be good for Britney."

Rudolph was Britney Spears' manager until April, when her anger over being "forced" into rehab at Promises Treatment Center led to his firing.

Despite the split, Larry Rudolph told Seacrest that "even after all [he and Spears] have been through, he is loyal and doesn't want to go under oath and talk about things."

Meanwhile, Britney Spears was cleared in an investigation by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which visited the pop star's residence after multiple allegations of her abusing her new, $3,000 Yorkie puppy.

Britney might be a train wreck, but Michael Vick, she isn't.

According to Madeline Bernstein, President of the L.A. branch of the SPCA, the dog was indeed hurt but the minor injuries were an accident and Spears was not present.

"It was a very slight fracture," Berstein said. "The dog didn't need a real cast or surgery. There was just a splint put on the dog."

"As it turns out,­ Britney wasn't there when the dog mishap occurred," she says. "The dog got under someone's foot in the walk-in closet. It's not that unusual for people to step on their dogs by accident or trip over them. Things like this can happen."

Especially if the owner is insane and constantly drunk.

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Now that she's finally 18 and can legally... vote, Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere is heating things up. Just about every conceivable place you can look.

First there was her cheerleader Got Milk ad. Cute, sure, but pretty vanilla.

A Pretty Panettiere Pic

Then there were those steamy Hayden Panettiere photos in FHM. Now we're talkin'!

But most recently, the tantalizing Panettiere took a bite of forbidden fruit (so to speak) on the cover of fashion / beauty mag GenLux, encouraging passersby to "take a bite!"

We'd take a bite out of Hayden Panettiere. There's no question about that. But daydreaming about doing so is a tad distracting to a motorist, don't you think?

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While some things remain the same - i.e. Britney Spears mistreating little Sean Preston and Jayden James - others are undergoing significant changes.

Take the cast of The View.

Tim Hasselbeck, Elisabeth Hasselbeck

By now, of course, all celebrity gossip followers know the story: Star Jones was kicked to the self-serving curb; Rosie O'Donnell alienated some viewers, attracted others and then left in a huff. Perez Hilton somehow guest hosted a show.

On September 4, however, a new era begins. This promotional photo says as much:

The new View: A pregnant Elisabeth Hasselbeck is joined by new co-host Whoopi Goldberg. Barbara Walters and Joy Behar also return.

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We know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but must Paris Hilton nude photos be copied from the past?

In the September issue of GQ in Germany, the recent jail bird is posing almost entirely in her birthday suit, squeezing a teddy bear who we sincerely hope scrubbed himself clean afterwards.

But - is it just us - or does this cover shot mirror that of Christina Aguilera naked on the cover of Maxim from a few years ago?

Each celebrity is on her knees, each's most private parts are covered by tiny underwear and something over her boobs, each's head is turned to the right.

Take a look for yourself:

Naked Paris Hilton

We'd expect Paris to be a bit more creative. After all, she typically has been with her men: Tyler Atkins and Stavros Niarchos aren't the most mainstream guys to have taken to bed.

Wonder how they feel about tapping such a copy catting piece of ass.

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A mere four months after Kate Walsh became engaged to her fiance, 20th Century Fox film executive Alex Young, the two are officially tying the knot.

The former Grey's Anatomy and current Private Practice actress' nuptials are set for this weekend at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa in California!

The lovely Kate Walsh, 39, who has won raves for her portrayal of Dr. Addison Montgomery on both shows, began dating Alex Young, 36, earlier this year.

A pair of her pals and former Grey's Anatomy stars, Sara Ramirez and Katherine Heigl, are reportedly planning on attending the three-day event.

Kate Walsh and Alex Young: Very much in love.

Walsh and Young dated only a few months before getting engaged, then bought a new house together, and now are making it official. When you know, you know, right?

The hotly-anticipated series premiere of Private Practice is set for Wednesday, September 26. Grey's Anatomy returns for its fourth season the next night.

Grey's Anatomy will be missing more than just Walsh, who left to start her own spin-off. Isaiah Washington, who was axed from the drama for being insane, will instead be guest starring on Bionic Woman - which premieres opposite Private Practice.

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