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Sometimes, after you overdose on hard drugs and start to mutilate yourself, you just need to decompress with some rest and relaxation. All working stiffs know this well.

So it goes for Amy Winehouse and new husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who are in the tropics, fresh off a bizarre incident that left them bleeding profusely on a London street.

Shopping in North London

Lounging in the Caribbean, Amy Winehouse showed off her sun-shunning, pasty skin (gotta love the British) and thin frame. Good to see her lathered up with SPF 45 instead of blood.

Amy Winehouse: Feeling better, looking... interesting.

Over the weekend, Winehouse contacted Perez Hilton to defend her husband, who saved her life after she lost her $h!t last week, but has been met with much criticism.

In response to a text from Perez Hilton, Amy Winehouse replied:

"[Blake Fielder-Civil] is the best man in the world. We would never ever harm each other. Take back what you said on the blog. I thought you was my girl. I was cutting myself after he found me in our room about to do drugs with a call girl and rightly said I wasn't good enough for him. I lost it and he saved my life."

That about sums it up

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Heidi Montag's parents approve of her fiancé Spencer Pratt. No, really, they do. Heidi is, like, so serious about this.

"They love Spencer, they really do," said Montag, who has been engaged to Pratt since May 2007, on Ryan Seacrest's radio show Tuesday.

Heidi Montag Nude

"They thought he was so funny, and they thought we were literally two peas in a pod."

Literally two peas in a pod? So they've actually turned into vegetables now? Sorry, no one ever accused Heidi of being smart, so we'll lay off.

Anyway, the 20-year-old reality star called into Seacrest's KIIS FM radio show to discuss Monday's episode of The Hills, which included Spencer's first visit to her Crested Butte, Colo., home to meet her parents.

"It was funny. He slept on the couch. It was really fun. We stayed for a couple of days," Heidi Montag said of the "strictly old school" time.

When asked if Spencer Pratt sought permission before asking for Montag's hand in marriage, Heidi defended her pimply beau's actions:

"I mean, he didn't officially ask me on the episode to marry him so [when he met my parents] that's kinda what it was â€" him telling them, 'Look, I love your daughter, and one day want to marry her, pretty much with your permission.'"

And we thought chivalry was dead.

On the previous night's MTV aftershow, Montag confirmed that she and Pratt are indeed engaged. As for what her parents think of that, Montag says her mother trusts her judgment and gets all her gossip on Spencer.

"She knows I love him and everything," Heidi said. "She met Spencer and she could just tell."

Montag also gave Ryan Seacrest some new, fashion-oriented news involving her ongoing feud with former best pal Lauren Conrad, a.k.a. LC.

"Everybody kept asking me for t-shirts on the street. 'Where do I get Team Heidi shirts? I want to buy them!'" she says of her latest attempt to rally support.

No word on whether she plans on making a "Team Jason" t-shirt in honor of LC's ex, Jason Wahler, and his engagement to Katja Decker-Sadowski.

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Nick Hogan might have finally learned - the very hard way - what being a bad driver can result in.

TMZ has obtained three traffic citations Hogan received in the last year, the only year in which he even had a license! These tickets don't even include this week's accident.

In the first incident - on Sept. 17, 2006 - Nick was pulled over for doing 115 mph in a 70 mph zone. For his second offense, Hogan was clocked doing 57 in a 30. Finally, the little Hulkster was clocked doing 106 in a 70.

Those are all faster than how quickly we turn our head any time his sister, Brooke Hogan, wears chaps.

Meanwhile, the man whose real name is Nick Bollea is speaking out for the first time since his car crash Sunday, asking people to "focus your prayers" on his 22-year-old passenger, John Graziano, who remains hospitalized.

In a post on his MySpace page, the 17-year-old son of Hulk Hogan said: "I want to thank everyone who has sent their support to me. Right now I would like to ask all of you to focus your prayers on my friend John."

As People magazine reports, Hogan was released from St. Petersburg's Bayfront Medical Center after Sunday's crash, in which the reality star's Toyota Supra careened off the road, striking a 25-ft.-tall palm tree. No charges have been filed, but police say the case remains under investigation and Hogan was traveling at an "excessive speed" at the time of the crash.

Graziano, a Marine just back from Iraq, was listed in critical condition.

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Tom Brady was mostly missing during Bridget Moynahan's pregnancy with their child (born August 22) - a fact that's reflected in the little guy's name!

The actress, 36, decided not to include her ex's surname - which would've name a great middle name, as it sounds semi-normal - when naming her son.

A rep for the actress has released a statement officially announcing the child's name as John Edward Thomas Moynahan. Ouch, Tom! That hurts.

Someone should have told tell this to the New England Patriots, who, during their game against the Carolina Panthers on August 24, congratulated the 30-year-old quarterback as an announcer told the crowd in Charlotte, N.C., that the boy was named Jonathan Brady.

Tom Brady: Underwear Model?

Despite the obvious baby mama drama, Bridget Moynahan insists all is well.

"She is thankful for a healthy baby and is excited about being a mother," said Moynahan's rep in a statement, who adds that the actress "was very pleased that the father, Tom Brady, was able to be there for the birth."

As for him going back to his Brazilian goddess of a girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen, shortly thereafter, Bridget probably wasn't too thrilled. At least Gisele won't be getting even more exposure on Dancing with the Stars or anything. Oh, wait.

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Forget Paris Hilton's pussy for a moment.

We can get back to this heiress' collection of pets shortly. But for now, we're curious what celebrity gossip fans think of her dueling hair styles.

Do you prefer it long, like the odds of this Lindsay Lohan nude scene from a recent movie winning an Oscar?

Or short, like the amount of time Paris actually spends with Tyler Atkins and other boy toys before moving on to the next prey?

Let us know!

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Summer is almost over, but that doesn't mean it's not a great time to turn over a new leaf and begin life anew. Especially for recovering reality TV alcoholics.

Fresh out of rehab and four arrests in four states in the span of a year, former Laguna Beach star Jason Wahler says he's a new man ... and he's getting married!


Wahler's representative confirmed to TMZ that Jason officially proposed last weekend to his girlfriend, USC student and tennis star, Katja Decker-Sadowski.

Jason picked out some serious bling - a four-carat, emerald cut diamond ring - in Beverly Hills. Spencer Pratt and the fake ring he pretended to give Heidi Montag can suck it.

Jason Wahler and Katja Decker-Sadowski have been dating for six months or so, having gotten together even before he got out of detox.

The couple, which recently moved in together in Los Angeles, has not set a date. Wahler, fans surely remember used to date Lauren Conrad on both The Hills and Laguna Beach, but his being repeatedly being a dick caused messy breakups both times.

Still, he's committed to a new life, he and LC are friends, and Jason seems very happy since he met Katja Decker-Sadowski, so we're all for this union. Congrats, kids!

Here are some photos of Jason Wahler and Katja Decker-Sadowski. So in love!

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It's a proven formula:

Hot women + TV shows - Clothing = Ratings!

Take Heroes, for instance.

Some might claim that NBC series is popular because it's woven interesting characters together within an exciting science-fiction universe. Others might point to Ali Larter nude photos and rest their case.

The powers behind Bionic Woman, this network's hopeful next big show, appear to be following these same steps.

Sure, it looks like a cool concept: a regular woman is transformed into a partial robot and faces obstacles most of us don't typically encounter. But NBC probably doesn't mind that the following naked Michelle Ryan photos have been leaked online... 

After all, look what Paris Hilton naked pics and videos did for her career. If Ryan receives half the attention of that socialite, you can count Bionic Woman as a smash already.

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They may have called off their engagement, but Lt. Andy Baldwin â€" star of The Bachelor â€" and the final-rose recipient, Tessa Horst, were spotted at the Ford Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii.

According to the Honolulu Advertiser, Andy Baldwin completed the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run an impressive 43rd place overall.

Tenley From The Bachelor

"It was amazing," he said. "Tessa ran down the chute with me and I picked her up and carried her across the finish line and gave her a kiss. My parents were there, and my little sister. They've never seen me do an Ironman before. It was a very special moment."

Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst. Engaged? No. Kissing? Yes.

This was their first public appearance since their marriage postponement. The couple called off their engagement this month (to the surprise of no one), but saying they're still "very much in love and committed to our relationship."

Guess we'll have to stay tuned... to Brad Womack, Andy Baldwin's successor on The Bachelor. Now this Austin, Texas, bar owner looks like a real catch.

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We have confirmed that recently celebrity gossip reports are valid:

Santa Monica police acknowledged that officers responded to an attempted suicide at the home of Owen Wilson according to the police log.

The department's "Call for Service Report" posted online shows that the report came in at 12:08 p.m. Sunday from Wilson's 23rd Street address; officers cleared the case five hours later.

The call was logged as "Attempt Suicide" â€" the first official confirmation of the reason for the call.

No other details were provided.

Wilson, 38, was recovering at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He issued a statement pleading for privacy to allow him to "receive care and heal in private during this difficult time."

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TMZ reports that the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services abuse investigation into Britney Spears doesn't involve physical mistreatment of her kids.

Maybe it should. Check out this Britney Spears photo!

Britney Spears, Nipple

Yes, that's the great Britney Spears, a naked Sean Preston, and a cigarette being waved in the little tyke's face. His life expectancy is plummeting by the day.

Sources say the complaint lodged with DCFS involves allegations of poor dental hygiene, as well as poor eating and sleeping habits for her two children, age 23 and 11 months. One can only wonder where they would ever get such ridiculous ideas.

Although DCFS is supposed to keep these allegations secret, they ended up in legal papers filed by Kevin Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan. So it might have been FedEx himself who lodged the complaint... and with good reason.

DCFS is all too familiar with the family, however. TMZ reveals that another complaint against Spears was filed with DCFS on July 2, although it went nowhere.

In February, 2006, DCFS famously investigated Britney after the notorious car seat incident with Sean Preston. Ditto April, 2006, when Sean P. fell out of his high chair.

No word on whether they were ever investigated for the controversy in which they initially gave Jayden James the name Sutton Pierce.

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