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Lane Garrison got a big break today when the judge ruled that the actor should get a psychiatric evaluation instead of sentencing him to hard time.

"We don't have all the information," Superior Court Judge Eldon Fox ruled on the vehicular manslaughter charge resulting from a car accident last Dec. 2 that left a 17-year-old Beverly Hills boy dead, People magazine reported. "I intend to remand Mr. Garrison today to the Department of Corrections for diagnostics." is reporting that the TV star's lawyers' request for a "diagnostic" â€" submitting Garrison to 90 days of psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is a suitable candidate for probation â€" was met with vehement opposition from the D.A.

Behind closed doors, the D.A. favored four years hard time instead. Which seems reasonable for someone that almost makes Lindsay Lohan look law-abiding.

Judge Fox said: "The fact that you may have some notoriety, I don't really care."

Garrison was remanded to the Sheriff's Dept. and he will then be transported to the Dept. of Correction. When he left the courtroom, accompanied by his lawyers, Richard Hutton and Harland Braun, he was not cuffed and he kissed all his family members. He is expected back in court October 31.

Garrison pleaded guilty May 21 to vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence and two other alcohol-related charges.

Along with his manslaughter plea, Garrison also admitted that he provided alcohol to minors and that he registered a blood alcohol level of over .15 the night of the crash. That's a Pete Doherty-like level.

The actor, who grew up with Jessica Simpson, was driving his Land Rover SUV in Beverly Hills with three teenage passengers on Dec. 2 when the vehicle struck a tree at 11:52 p.m.

One passenger, Vahagn Setian, 17, was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. A 15-year-old girl, also in the car, suffered a fractured pelvis and shattered arm. A second girl, also 15, was not seriously injured.

After the accident police also said that Garrison had cocaine in his system and more than twice the legal blood-alcohol level at the time of the crash.

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When we last left Lauren Conrad on the season two finale of MTV's top-rated reality hit, The Hills, she was seeing off Heidi Montag, as her former BFF and roomie sped away in a U-Haul.

Montag had chosen to move in with her slimy new beau, Spencer Pratt, even though Pratt is a complete prick Lauren Conrad strongly objected to the relationship.

But just because the season ended didn't mean the Lauren-Heidi drama was over.

On May 30, while Conrad, her new roommate, Audrina Patridge, and other pals enjoyed a night out at Les Deux, they ended up having a turf war of sorts with Heidi and Spencer, who showed up at the L.A. club that night.

"They just came right at our table and sat down," Audrina says in the newest Us Weekly. "We were like, ‘What are you doing? Get away! This is our table.' But they said, ‘This is our night, our friends, get out of here.'"

In the end, the couple stormed out of Les Deux in a huff.

By July, the estrangement between Heidi and Lauren was so palpable that Montag didn't take the MTV's promotional photos for season three of The Hills the same day as the rest of the cast - instead posing by herself in the studio for separate pics!

Of course, there are many other photos of Heidi Montag (and that jackass Spencer Pratt) that spontaneously and mysteriously surface online. Meanwhile, LC may have landed, if only for a night, an NBA player in former Duke University star Josh McRoberts.

Regardless, the Team Lauren vs. Team Heidi showdown has officially eclipsed Hollywood's best battles
. What do you think of this drama? Team Heidi or Team LC?

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Seems like everyone close to the slow-moving train wreck that is Britney Spears is spouting off their opinions regarding the former pop singer.

Her mom, Lynne Spears, claims to be reaching out to the singer, but was recently seen partying in Vegas like a regular ol' Dina Lohan.

Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has expressed his concerns over some of the recent accounts of Britney's parenting skills (or lack thereof).

Heck, even her former assistant and fellow club-goer, Alli Sims, has cut ties with Spears to launch her own singing career.

The latest to break their silence? Maureen Funk, mother of Shannon Funk, an assistant fired by Spears last week. The elder Funk is speaking out to defend her daughter.

She tells Life & Style, "My daughter is a terrific person and she has been hounded by the media since news that she left Britney broke. Contrary to what people may think, this situation is not about money as Shannon is not that type of person."

Maureen denies her daughter inked a $500,000 "tell-all" deal to spill the beans about her short-lived stint as Britney's personal assistant (Shannon denies she was axed by Britney).

"I feel really sorry for Britney Spears," Maureen says "She is under a lot of pressure every day and is a really sweet woman, despite all the stories."

Sean Preston and Jayden James Plea For Help

As Life & Style previously reported, Britney felt a lot of her recent troubles started and stopped with Shannon, an insider close to Spears said:

"Britney thought she was talking badly about her. She was extremely rude and Britney felt she was letting business e-mails fall by the wayside."

Shannon was Britney Spears' assistant when the pop star recently filmed a personally financed music video, which ended in a near meltdown.

Meanwhile, Britney's uncle, Barry Bridges, tells Life & Style that with Britney's divorce finalized, "I think Britney and [Kevin] should be very happy about this. It'll be a relief to the family, [and] I think [her mom] Lynne will be happy."

As for advice he would offer Britney Spears, he says:"Just get on with your life, and try to be civil. She'll need to know to not talk badly about their daddy, especially around [Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline]."

Asked whether he thinks Britney will be able to repair her relationship with Lynne Spears, now that the divorce is settled, he says:

"I think they'll get back together. Sometimes people are hard-headed, but Britney and Lynne have been so close so long. Remember that your family is always your family. You don't forget they love you, no matter what."

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Rosie O'Donnell may have laid into Paula Abdul this morning, but her former rival laid into an animal with far more supporters:


Elisabeth Hasselbeck revealed this morning that she's chopped off a chicken's head - and then proceeded to gross out the audience with how this is actually done.

The right chicken winger used hand motions to describe how to accurately decapitate one of these animals, something just a tad more disgusting than Paris Hilton making out with Cisco Adler.

As a result, The View host is the latest celebrity to incur the wrath of PETA. She can talk to Beyonce and Michael Vick about what it's like to be on the receiving end of a press release such as the following:

PETA has two words for Hasselbeck, ‘Cluck you!' Next to Barbara and Joy, who expressed compassion, Elisabeth sat there chirping about the joys of killing defenseless birds. Conservatives love animals too, and she ruffled a lot of feathers today. Now that [Whoopi Goldberg] has joined the show, maybe it's time for Hasslebeck's head to go on the chopping block.

Look out, Elisabeth. Pamela Anderson and Holly Madison nude will soon be on your case, as well.

On second thought, perhaps we should start talking about murdering chickens instead of celebrity gossip if it means those fine ladies will pay attention to us.

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The celebrity gossip rumors are true:

Kim Kardashian and her spoiled family are getting a reality show. And it couldn't come at a better time, either; with Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton's The Simple Life off the air now, what waste of space was gonna fill that primetime void?

Fashion Mistake

Enter the Kardashian clan. They may make Britney Spears, Ali Sims and that family look normal. Okay, maybe not.

Kim Kardashian and her giant boobs: Coming to a TV screen near you!

Here's what Kim had to say about the stars of the untitled show:

"We're all so different. Khloe's, like, hysterical and says these ridiculous things. Kourtney is such a bitch. I'm in between. Brody's so wild. The two little ones are adorable... It's just such a good mix."

Yep, that's Brody Jenner, The Hollywood Gossip's favorite ladies man himself. He and Kim are step-siblings, for those not aware of these important details.

We wish we could say this show wouldn't get any ratings, but people love watching Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag splash around on the beach. So anything starring Kim Kardashian will probably be a hit, as well.

The Ray J sex tape certainly was.

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She's been best known for hanging with Britney Spears, but now her cousin / BFF / personal biatch, Alli Sims, is aiming for a career of her own.

Many celebrity news outlets have been watching Sims' official website closely, and on Monday, Spears' former assistant updated it to include her first song - a cover of "On My Own," from the stage musical Les Misérables.

The newly launched singer says she has a staunch supporter in Britney Spears.

Shrugging off the typical celebrity gossip and rumors that Britney resented her decision to pursue her lifelong dream, Alli Sims, 26, says:

"She heard my songs on the laptop and was like, 'I love this song! This is you singing?' She has always been supportive."

Sims' comments are in slight contrast to recent reports of her estrangement from Spears and collaborations with K-Fed to protect their kids from the train wreck.

As for Spears' parenting skills, which have come under fire from Kevin Federline, his lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan and others, Sims tells People, "She's a wonderful mom and she is so hands-on. ... Britney loves those babies to death. And they adore her."

Maybe Alli should read our stunning report on Sean Preston and Jayden James from yesterday and see if she's still willing to sing that tune afterward.

When it comes to her music, the Southerner is after a "soulful" sound, and the single on her Web site is "more of a filler song until I get my new stuff recorded. Honestly, we put that one up there because all the other ones I had put down in the past had a little more of a country vibe, and I do not want to go there at all."

Further distinguishing herself from Spears, Alli Sims also says, "I don't dance, I'm not pop. I'm more bluesy, more Norah Jones-ish. I don't want to appeal to just my age group."

Having moved to L.A. after college with a music career in mind, Sims made ends meet by working with noted wedding planner Mindy Weiss and, more recently, for Britney Spears.

"I was doing that for a while, and we had a great time together," Alli Sims says of Britney. "Now I hope everything falls into place, and maybe by January I will have a lot of things under my belt and get to release something. I just want to do what I love. Music is my passion."

Reports say that a solo Alli is making music with the likes of such in-demand producers as Evan Bogart and J.R. Rotem.

No word on whether Rotem has making the same kind of "music" he's made with Alli's "cousin" in the past. We're talking about J.R. tanging Britney wheelbarrow style!

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And you think you've seen it all.

Some spontaneous, all-natural Heidi Montag bikini pictures have surfaced on the Internets. We never saw this coming. The girl keeps such a low profile!

It's good to see that Heidi Montag and her totally awesome boyfriend (or future husband?), Brody Jenner's ex-pal Spencer Pratt have finally decided to allow photos of themselves to be taken. Really, you two are too gorgeous to remain hidden from the public.

Please take a long look at the photos of Heidi Montag in a bikini below. As you can see, Spencer Pratt is doing exactly that as he pushes his "fiancee" on  a surfboard and inspects that surgically-enhanced booty thoroughly.

Also, note her "Girls Gone Wild" bikini. Emblazoned on the ass of a girl desperately pleading for attention, the name of Joe Francis' video empire certainly seems appropriate in this pic.

Surely he would agree, but he probably too busy trying to avoid being violated in prison to comment on anything regarding The Hills at this time.

So, to sum up, it's the same old "yes, we are really happy couple - we're not just publicity crazed brats posing for the cameras" (no they're not, and yes they are) "water sports" photo shoot - only with a new bikini and a new activity (surfing).

Hope you enjoyed. And have joined the unofficial Lauren Conrad fan club.

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Long before Keeley Hazell has ever though of putting a camera in the hands of her lover as she gave him a blow job, Pamela Anderson was perfecting the art of the sex tape.

Or was she?!?

Total Fashion Nightmare

Ten years after the former Baywatch star and ex-husband Tommy Lee filmed themselves during many sexual romps on a boat, the large-breasted actress is claiming she never knew the recording was taking place.

At a taping of Tom Green's internet talk show, Anderson said she didn't know film was in the camera. At all. During any of the hour-upon-hour footage. We'd believe Jodie Sweetin more if she claimed she wasn't desperate for attention.

Long before Uma Thurman and Arky Busson kissed in public, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee did the same.

In response to caller's question about breaking into the porn industry, Anderson playfully advised, "Just marry a rock star... Date a rock star and when they say there's no film in the camera, there really is."

Seriously, Pamela? You want us to believe that you weren't aware that this sex tape was being filmed, let alone that it would be released? Even Dustin Diamond eventually admitted he had planned his video all along.

Anderson and Lee were married in February of 1995. They have two children together, 11-year-old Brandon and 9-year-old Dylan.

We'd prefer if Pam following in the naked footsteps of Olivia Mojica and owned up to her sex tape actions. But she must figure it's not too late to recapture that wholesome image.

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The day on which Whoopi Goldberg was officially named to the panel of The View, the show's old instigator could not keep her mouth shut again.

Rosie O'Donnell took to her fourth grade writing style again via her blog, this time focusing her wrath on Paula Abdul.

Writing in her immature and lame customary haiku style on her site, O'Donnell posted a lengthy message in apparent reference to Abdul's Bravo reality show Hey, Paula. She writes, in part:

right now
paula abdul would yell action
and the result would be
what we all see

there r times
u r so broken
pain filled
love less
so needy for love ...

hey paula
we cringe
at r selves
thru u

Who does Rosie think she is, Candy Spelling? How is Abdul's lifestyle any of her business?

Of course, this is not the first time O'Donnell has taken Abdul to task. In January, when American Idol hosts Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Abdul were drawing fire for being too mean to season-six contestants, O'Donnell reprimanded the trio from her seat on The View.

"Isn't that what America thinks is entertainment?" O'Donnell asked. "To make fun of someone's physical appearance and then when they leave the room laugh hysterically at them â€" three millionaires, one probably intoxicated," she said, in apparent reference to Abdul, who had exhibited some odd behavior while promoting the FOX show.

The truth is, of course, that Paula Abdul is undoubtedly spoiled and insane. Good luck with that, JT Torregiani.

But we're also sick of Rosie O'Donnell constantly sticking her nose into other people's lives. You're off TV now. Go be a good mother to your adopted children and stop passing judgments on every individual that doesn't agree with you.

And learn how to write like an adult.

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As Britney Spears' parenting skills are coming under intense scrutiny, Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, talked to Us Weekly about it.

In addition to having a cool sounding name, the attorney shed light on the couple's divorce, custody situation, and K-Fed's concerns about the safety of his children when with Spears.

Us Weekly: Is Kevin Federline happy with Monday's court proceedings finalizing the divorce?
Mark Vincent Kaplan: I think that he was pleased that that phase of the case could be finalized.

Us: How does he feel about the current 50/50 shared custody agreement?
Mark Vincent Kaplan: I think that Kevin would like to have as much custody as he could get because he feels that the children would benefit by that. I'm sure Britney Spears wants more custody as well. I don't think anyone should draw any presumption or conclusion from the fact that the judgment was entered on Monday, that everything is fine as of Monday.

Us: Is the question of custody still open?
Mark Vincent Kaplan: The judgment could be filed but it might not relate to the current circumstances, it might relate to prior ones, and there's always an ability to at least apply to the court that you need to change in the interest of the kids.

Us: What's Kevin like as a father?
Mark Vincent Kaplan: I don't want to talk about the kids, but I can say that he is a hands-on dad and I think that he is a very focused parent who believes that any kids, but especially kids of this young age, need to have structure and consistency and that he has always provided that and wants to make sure that they get the benefit of that as much as possible.

Us: Is he concerned when Sean Preston and Jayden James aren't under his care?
Mark Vincent Kaplan: Well I can't say how he feels about it, but I can say that all of these things that come out [about Britney], if true, are cause for concern to me. He is someone who has gone out of his way to protect his kids as much as possible. I don't recall ever seeing a picture of him with his kids in tow out in public because he feels that could subject them to an unnecessary risk and doesn't benefit them. His desire is that these kids have a chance to grow up free, in as normal an environment as possible. He's somebody that never has tried to boost his appearance in public through his children.

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