Nude Keira Knightley Advertises Chanel Perfume

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Keira Knightley is not exactly famous for her hourglass figure.

But her latest role - which sees her posing virtually naked to advertise a perfume - makes her look subtly different. Despite the unfortunate presence of a hat, the 22-year-old actress appears to be a tiny bit curvier. Check out the ad below … 

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There she is in all her glory. What do you think? Is a nude Keira Knightley hot stuff? Or do anorexic, Kate Bosworth types just not do it for you?

It's certainly a different image from that presented in such hit films as Love Actually, Pride and Prejudice and the Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Ever since she appeared in a sports bra as a 17-year-old in Bend It Like Beckham, the waif has done nothing to disguise her lack of cleavage.

Keira, who is rumored to be in a nude scene in her new film, Atonement, once spoke of her chest, saying: "I don't have any t!ts, so I can't show cleavage."

That's not always something the Hollywood marketing machine (or, possibly, Rupert Friend) has been happy about. While British posters for her 2004 film, King Arthur, displayed her natural, boyish look, the American ones were a different story.

"Those things certainly weren't mine," she told a U.S. magazine.


Hi keira knightley my name is abdul lohar you are so beautiful and the nakedness for chanel show me your lady parts and your nipples but your necklace is beautiful even your hair. Beautiful sensitive skin i luv that shirt you wear what a sexy look.


Beautiful necklace that shirt she wears suits her


She's a great actress, and good on her for not caving in to conventional standards. All that photoshopping that the media do is just stupid: It's completely unhealthy and unrealistic.


Keira is hot n beautiful...her face feels fresh...and acting superb....
a real flawless beauty.


Keira is a beautiful girl n sexy. Shes sexy not by her body but by her acting n i just love her style


Shes a very beautiful and sexy woman and she fights well too especially with a sword


She's not anerexic. She's never been plump and she never will be. She's flat chested and happy with it. It's called dear.


It's called photoshop my dear.