Not Much Allure: New Britney Spears Topless Photos

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Allure Magazine's September cover shoot, at Pier 59 Studios West, was Britney Spears' first since filing for divorce from Kevin Federline in November 2006.

The mental meltdown she suffered when she canceled the interview portion of the feature four separate times? Hardly the first such incident.

Nevertheless, a few good topless Britney Spears photos emerged from the photo shoot at least. If anyone out there hasn't had their fill by now...

  • Britney Gets Oiled Up
  • Britney Spears Topless Again

Above, makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen gets Britney all oiled up as she smooths a shimmery moisturizer on Spears' back. No word on whether Britney was fantasizing about former assistant / lover Shannon Funk at the time.

Follow this link to visit Allure's website and see more sexy, crazy, mentally unstable, behind the scenes photos of Britney.

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Well she is nasty. Does anyone really want to look at her suckle teats? Come on - this Britney Spears SwampHog chick is such a pig. But surely someone is turned on by them so here are the uncensored ones (new 2009) watercooler dot jlaforums dot com BLECH - what a mess


What people fail to realize is that Britney has been a train wreck waiting to happen since she was 17 years old. What we've been witnessing in the last couple of years has been the aftermath of the crash, not the lead up to the crash.