Nick Hogan Crashed His P***Y Magnet

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Pity Nick Hogan.

Not only did he almost kill his close friend on Sunday when he totaled his Supra; but this accident also marked the end of Hogan's (aka Nick Bollea) "pussy magnet."

That's what the son of Hulk Hogan and brother of Brooke Hogan referred to his speedy car as in a recent interview with Rides magazine. Here is the moron's exact quote on the topic:

The yellow Supra and yellow Viper are pussy magnets for sure. I mean, the green and the silver appeal more to men, 'cause a guy knows what he's looking at and will drool over it. But girls see the yellow, and panties start dropping off.

This explains Britney Spears at least. She must see yellow Supras everywhere.

Is that Nick Hogan or Kevin Federline? And does it matter?


I watched their reality series and his parents let him do drifting when he didn't even have his license yet! Letting a teenage boy drive an expensive sports car is an accident waiting to happen. No, Hogan does not know best, not at all.


i've just hurd about this crash with nick, ive watched hogan knows best for ages nd a cant beleive it he needs to sort his life out he is a bonny lad nd evrthing but if he thinks this is gunna get him sum chicks he can think again nick could of killed his best friend plus himself he needs to start thinking about how others would of been hurt nd not just bout himself if they both died nd all this drug crap is just as stupid its the same with evry1 else out there who takes them u might aswell just cut your throat with a nife because u could die after just one load of drugs even the tyniest bit. whatever happned to the nick that was shocked when his dad took him to the police department to watch that video of car crashes and the boy who died in the video was called nick. love u loads nick just get your head sorted mate.


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