Nick Hogan: A Dangerous Driver, A Worried Friend

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Nick Hogan might have finally learned - the very hard way - what being a bad driver can result in.


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    I think that this is all some bull one homeboy should of been wearing his seatbelt and two nick is an excellent driver just because the laws states that he is a potential speeder well I was in a car accident were the person in front of me was going below the speed limit because she can't see yeah I think nick can drive and because his dad hulk hogan of course he's going to more bennifits than the low class society I myself and an upcoming drift driver and stunts Yeah I half to work hard for mine but you don't hear me whynnig about the fact that he has gotten stuff handed to him if I had a son that had potential as he does I would be there to give him all the support he needs and I have seen him drift to were most people can even drive straight UDO


    Nick is just one of many kids doing something utterly childish that he will have to live with the rest of his life and there is no worse punshiment then to be branded as the friend who was respondsible for his circumstances


    hey i have lost friends because of stuff like this and it is not easy but give him a break it is frist thing am sure it wont happend again am glad nick is oh k


    SCUZBALLS!blaming john for not wearing a seatbelt!he has beem let off so many times by the police no wonder he thought he could get away w/ this by blaming the victim!i blame him and the POLICE who let him go cuz hes hulks son;there should be an investigation on that subject...celebs and their dna challenged spawn should not get away this s#$% anymore!!!!!!!!!I.E. :i wouldnt have robbed those people if they had loccked their ffront door-its their fault!!!


    Why have the Police not given this kid tickets for the accident. What really stinks is he is still able to drive when the other guy has brain damage. The clearwater police are

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