Nick Bollea Seriously Injured in Car Crash

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You might know him as Nick Bollea or Nick Hogan. Or as the brother of Brooke Hogan.

Either way, the son of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan was seriously injured in a car accident last night.

A Toyota Supra driven by Nick was traveling at a high rate of speed at approximately 7:30 p.m., Clearwater Police spokesman Wayne Shelor said. Bollea, which is Hogan's real name, lost control and hit a raised median.

The car flipped around, and the back end hit a palm tree.

"The car was destroyed," Shelor said.

Radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge, a friend of the family, released the following statement:

"Hulk's son Nick and a friend named John were involved in a pretty bad car crash today... I can't get into details... but I can tell you this: Nick left the hospital with me when we were leaving and is headed home to rest, he is ok."

Bollea and his pal were extricated from the car by paramedics, Shelor said. Then they were airlifted to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg. The crash occurred on State Route 60, a main drag through downtown Clearwater. The road had to be shut down in both directions for several hours.

Unlike the accidents involving Lane Garrison or Lindsay Lohan, alcohol is not believed to have played a part in the crash. It seems to have been caused by excessive speed, Shelor said.


Wow, yea it's all Nick's fault..... forget the fact that this guy wasn't wearing his seatbelt, which is illegal. I wonder if this guy had been wearing his seatbelt, and hadn't been in such critical condion, if people would still be grabbing their pitchforks. Something tells me yes. When people screw up no one gives it another thought, but if a celebrity screws up we should hang them because they're supposed to be super human and not make mistakes right? Very hypocritical of you all, shame on yourselves. If it weren't a celebrity driving, but an average person so many more of you would be saying "He should have been wearing his seatbelt and he wouldn't have gotten hurt so bad." You all make me sick, and need to watch out because KARMA will sneak up on you.


This is a messgae to Nick Bollea's family. I am praying very hard for your son to receive help for his problem. I lost my twin brother 6 years ago from a terrible car accident. someone hit him when he was crossing the street.
Please tell Nick that John Graziano's family needs your love, support and lots of prayers and not to focus on Nick's situation.
This too shall pass.


This guy is a danger to others and should lose his driving privilege until age 30. Im training to become a polive officer and he should be spending a few years in jail, but in socal, being a celeb gets you short time, which is sad!!!


Every1 makes mistakes on several occasion its a part of growing up that makes you a better person!


I happy to hear Nick on the road to recovery. In time, I pray his friend will be soon. Any reasonable person should express any ill will toward these boys because that's just what they are young "boys". It would be wrong to point fingers at Nick without considering the fact John, his friend, is just as stupid for riding with him. As a friend, it's no so surprise your boy is wreckless and always has been. How about John's parents? They could've forbade him to ride with Nick...his wreckless driving record is no secret. If they do sue the Hulk, it's primarily because they are failures as parents to not have been more active in who, what, where, when of there kid. Hulk and Linda I pray for the best for your family at this time and reassure you that you're not the first and last parents with a hard-headed kid that doesn't comprehend the REASON behind safe driving on public roads.


Keep this idiot off the road! Make him wait until he's 30 (at least) to get another valid driver's license. Check out his driving record on Wikipedia. (clue...not his first offense)
I hope I'm never driving down the same road as this punk!


I just read that the passenger, John Graziano, will require long term care for the rest of his life. Nick should at the very least lose his Driving priveleges for the rest of his life. Not exactly equal suffering, but Nick must do his penance, and and apology for his reckless behavior isn't going to cut it. Hulk hogan shouldn't be to blame at all because he has money , fame, and is Nick's father. Other famous people have children with fancy cars who don't put others at risk.


im v happy fa nick and his parents that he is okay! it is unfortunate what has happened. i dont blame nick.although i do hope that his friend makes a full recovery.i think people should keep their comments to themselves he probably feels awful as it is. and as fa the charges let the police deal with that, its not fa anyone else to decide! love to nick and his family :o) x


This event just proves the the Hulkster should have kept a tight leash on his son and not so much on his daughter. I'm sure Hogan's realizing this now. And if he isn't, then maybe he should. Obviously his son needs to have tabs kept on him so that this sort of ridiculousness won't happen again. And why hasn't more been said about his poor passenger? Why is he in Nick's shadow, when he is the one in critical condition? Nick may have killed John, and I feel more should be said about him.


Know Hulk Hogan is paying what he did to my father. He accused my father from stealing money to his mother, when the only thing my father did was taking care of his dad and his mother, thing that he never did to his parents.
Hope Nick Bollea doesn't get away without any charge cause he is "rich". He should be punish like any other person. And Hogan suffer like my father did.


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