New, Cute Couple Watch: Wentworth Miller and Luke MacFarlane

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We now feel confident enough to report the following: Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller is dating Brother & Sisters actor Luke MacFarlane.

This pairing had been nothing more than a rumor, but the day these two spent together in Los Angeles over the weekend make it apparent they're more than mere friends.

According to celebrity gossip spies for Just Jared, Wentworth and MacFarlane walked down the street together with a smile.

Before that, they had visited a Kinko's and grabbed some drinks from Starbucks before heading to a small art gallery in Culver City. To paraphrase one of our favorite Old School quotes: Sounds like a nice little Saturday for the couple.

Interestingly, MacFarlane used to date Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight. We wonder how Isaiah Washington feels about that.

In the end, we wish Wentworth and Luke Zanessa-like happiness. May their smiles shine as brightly as those of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens when around one another.

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went is so not gay and if you are went i'll hang my self if wentworth said he's not gay then so what you can have gay friend's and be single dopey leave him alone p.s. dont be gay


The otherone is 100% gay,Went-I am not so shure,that is all I can tell from this photo. Anyway,who cares if he is gay as long as Micheal Scofield isn't?Remember,girls, Scofield is the perfect one, Went is too real to be that.


i was in love with wentworth :(.. cant believe he's gay


this is crazyingly ridiculous.just because a jobless person photographed him with his male friend walking side by side,makes him gay?doesnt matter to me though,im still very much in love with him........miller is so cute


the pants ARE NOT the same shade of col n even it it was dnt prove that he is gay!


he aint gay leave the man alone, he will tell us if he is my god ppl spread rumours like fire these days! cant a bloke go out with a mate these days without being called gay! Jeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz


is this photo the only clue?of course,hanging out with a gay doesn't mean you are one as well! But wearing the same pants and flipflops with your gay friend could possibly mean that you are homosexual as well!!!!!!!!!being gay is not bad,it is just weird....


this photo can't be photographed! but i dont reallly think he is gay. i dont know. is there anyone want him to be gay? i dont buy it


OMG! is this for real? i don't wanna believe this. i refuse to believe this! lol.


..and those EYES !! Woow!!!If you could see me now -I am drooling all over my computer.LOL!!! Well what can I say --I was always sucker for beautiful eyes. And lets face it-his words!!!!

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