New, Cute Couple Watch: Wentworth Miller and Luke MacFarlane

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We now feel confident enough to report the following: Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller is dating Brother & Sisters actor Luke MacFarlane.

This pairing had been nothing more than a rumor, but the day these two spent together in Los Angeles over the weekend make it apparent they're more than mere friends.

According to celebrity gossip spies for Just Jared, Wentworth and MacFarlane walked down the street together with a smile.

Before that, they had visited a Kinko's and grabbed some drinks from Starbucks before heading to a small art gallery in Culver City. To paraphrase one of our favorite Old School quotes: Sounds like a nice little Saturday for the couple.

Interestingly, MacFarlane used to date Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight. We wonder how Isaiah Washington feels about that.

In the end, we wish Wentworth and Luke Zanessa-like happiness. May their smiles shine as brightly as those of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens when around one another.

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no no no no noooooooooo
went isnt gay,i refuse to believe it jst cos hes good lookin n az male friends doesnt mean anything.if thats the case then ever1 i kno is gay!!!!!!! anywhoo he's guna marry i tells ya :)


If theyre dating whos the top?lol West looks kinda big to be a bottom but I assumed Luke topped TR's nelly bottom ass so im guessing west is the bottom? lol


how can he have dated Amir Faye Guttman when Amir is already in a long term relationship?


Luke is gay. He just came out in a Canadian magazine. So unless Wentworth just really likes to hang out with gay men, chances are they are dating. Good for them, they make a really cute couple.


i think when he went to israel this year, he dated and fling israeli isnger amir faye guttman.


wentworth is not gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he's the sexiest man ever n he just cant be gay!!!!!!!!!but i agree with sara.if hes happy with him then let it be...


It´s not about 2 men walking side by side cuz that makes no one gay---it´s about PerezHilton told a few months ago that WENT and LUKE are dating and no photos were shown.
A few months later those photos appeared and it seems like Perez was right..I think if Went was walking wth another man, not Luke, no one would say oh look they r gay.
It´s just because Perez told it a months ago...and in my opinion it could b so. It doenst matter at all if Wentworth is gay. Prison break is amazing and Went is amazing, I hope he is happy if hes gay or not.


oh my gosh guys cmmon ... the pics r fake?! How dumb is that...they wear the same thongs, like u can see on different pics of the day ... wish them all the best!!


i think some people need to get over themselves and worry about more important things than wentworth's life. Can't a man walk around with his friend really now! i have a lesbian friend, i hang out with her, that doesn't make me lesbian! i don't understand why people always have to judge people with who or what they mix with. Everyone has their own lives so live it and live with it. Stop brining other peoples down with yours to make you feel better. Oh and Zack its not obsession, its reality, fame is out there.

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