More Heidi Montag Bikini Photos: A Girl Gone Wild

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And you think you've seen it all.

Some spontaneous, all-natural Heidi Montag bikini pictures have surfaced on the Internets. We never saw this coming. The girl keeps such a low profile!

It's good to see that Heidi Montag and her totally awesome boyfriend (or future husband?), Brody Jenner's ex-pal Spencer Pratt have finally decided to allow photos of themselves to be taken. Really, you two are too gorgeous to remain hidden from the public.

Please take a long look at the photos of Heidi Montag in a bikini below. As you can see, Spencer Pratt is doing exactly that as he pushes his "fiancee" on  a surfboard and inspects that surgically-enhanced booty thoroughly.

Also, note her "Girls Gone Wild" bikini. Emblazoned on the ass of a girl desperately pleading for attention, the name of Joe Francis' video empire certainly seems appropriate in this pic.

Surely he would agree, but he probably too busy trying to avoid being violated in prison to comment on anything regarding The Hills at this time.

So, to sum up, it's the same old "yes, we are really happy couple - we're not just publicity crazed brats posing for the cameras" (no they're not, and yes they are) "water sports" photo shoot - only with a new bikini and a new activity (surfing).

Hope you enjoyed. And have joined the unofficial Lauren Conrad fan club.


What a killer body on that girl, WOW !!


Need picure files.


Heidi u r so cool every one is leaving messages about the show but i am telling u that u r so cool i wish i was u but i am only 12 so i can't
u rock!!!


Why is everyone on Lauren's side she is soo immature what she did to Audrina's old bf on Monday was so wrong. Talking all that crap behind her back spilling all of her business. And them whispering and giggling when they walked in was soo wrong, and proves that she can't stand friends to be happy and in love. She needs to get a life; her true colors are starting to show. At first I thought Heidi and Spencer where fake, time shall only tell.


gosh! heidi u think its hot showing off a plastic body?!?! i just saw the season premier and saw the preview for the rest of the season. and heidi is shallow as hell. because lauren and jason are eating together or whatever heidi doesnt need to make comments lke "MAYBE THEY WILL GO BACK INTO THE FILM INDUSTRY." HEIDI MAYBE U CAN GET PLASTIC SURGERY TO SEAL UR STUPID MOUTH UP U HORSE TOOTH IMMATURE WRECK!


heidi and spencer should have their faces RESHAPED. heidi has a long fACE while his evil BF has a SQUARE face.


wow, with all those girls going wild on the beaches, right in front of the lenses of a 1000 'razzis, i'm going wild myself. I made a poll, trying to decide who's the hottest girl of this bikini summer:

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