More Details of Britney Spears' New Song Emerge

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The details of Britney Spears' new single have come to light and according to insiders, it's not what we think. Which must mean it's not complete crap!

It is supposedly being produced by Nate "Danjahandz" Hills, and is an up-tempo club track (not the slow jam leaked online last week) that could drop as soon as next week.

Queen of Denmark

Sources say "Gimme More" is the name of the song - which also happens to be the name of the video that Britney Spears was spotted shooting in July.

This phrase also happens to be what Britney moans to Criss Angel in the middle of their late-night "work-related" rendezvous. Just kidding. Not really.

Britney Spears: Missing a contact lens and lookin' HOT!

Spears also worked with other producers on material for her CD, including J.R. Rotem (who once had sex with her), and although the album still has no official title or release date, a different source close to the album says it's expected to hit stores this fall - even with little or no promotional setup.

Looks like the comeback is in full swing. Not! Sorry, Britney fans, all 12 of you. Maybe we shouldn't talk - there's a new site devoted to the return of her past glory. was started with the mission of supporting poor Brit in these "trying times." Times in which she routinely wears no pants. Good luck.

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The purple eye looks like it belongs on a vintage my little pony.


I have to admit that I laughed my ass off listening to Baby Boy. Britney was OBVIOUSLY trying to copy Xtina's sultry voice & failed miserably at doing so. That song just plain SUCKED (but look at who was "singing" it). I really do hope that she performs, now sings because we all know she can't do that live, and makes a complete & utter bigger ASS of herself. She is so fricking self centered. Oh those poor little boys of hers - going to grow up being made fun of because of their mother.


The "Trying Times" of a tacky, trouserless tramped-up tart......