Mariah Carey Naked: Hot or Not?

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Mariah Carey has basically no singing career left.

Can you even name her last hit? Emotion? Honey? That song about a hero coming along, with the strength to carry on?

Couple on Carpet

But it's nice to know that Carey can always pull a Lucy Pinder when in need of attention: Pose naked now. Ask questions later.

Here is the diva, and her bare body, gracing the cover Interview magazine. We know how excited guys are now for the (legal) possibility of Hayden Panettiere nude, but take a moment and answer this question:

Is Mariah Carey naked hot... or not?

We haven't heard anything recently about those rumored Lindsay Lohan nude photos - but we did come across this one of Mariah Carey.


i love mariah carey one day i could met her shes number 1
and im her number 1 fan she is butiful. im only 11 and
my name is kadirah i wish i could met mariah carey ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU MARIAH CAREY


u are the best singer in the world.... i love it if you could reply this text


I almost forgot!! Why God Why.. I couldn't be Nick for a day. :-(


Yes Yes Yes!! She is hot and sexy, I am sure all men and women would love to see her take it off.
But i think she would be lowering hershelf as a cheap whore.
Just keep it real Mariah, i love ya....


Yes, Mariah's Boobs rival Felicity Huffman's Boobs. They are the Destiny Boobs of the Legendary Lore. Mariah's Boobs are twins - they are symmetrical and if you stare inbetween them you can see the reflection of Fate in them.


She is hot, but kinda saggy, but i dont really care, at least shes not a whore.. in pic u can see she looks nervous, unlike ... well, how do i put this, pornstars


i think mariah have a big kos i love to lick and a huge boobs would e my milk breakfast in the morning


every women who expose fullly of their body or just half of it, i would surely call her a whore..... mother or a baby prostitude..... gerls!!!! pls.... just show ur only man or husband..... don be so cheap.. anyway in the world, sexy is the most common... dont have to get half naked for u to be sexy... gerls who r polite will get a good guy


HOT!!! She's recently went past Elvis as the artist with the most number 1 hits with "Touch My Body" as her 18th with "Don't Forget About Us" and "We Belong Together" at 17th and 16th respectively. To the stupid author of this stupid blog, do your research before bashing Mariah, you stupid idiot!!!




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Mariah Carey can hit high notes very, very well. She's had an incredible career, that's for sure. Carey is marred to Nick Cannon and... More »
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I'm in love with my dog. He is my special someone. I love spending time with him.

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We really do feel we are soulmates. I never felt a love like this was in the cards for me.

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