Lily Allen: George W. Bush is a [Bleeping] Moron

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Lily Allen certainly isn't the first to deliver an expletive-laden tirade against the embattled U.S. President George W. Bush in recent months.

But, unlike most, hers was also directed at the U.S. Immigration Service and delivered from the stage of the V Festival in Stafford, England.

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The outburst came in the wake of the British singer's American working visa being unexpectedly revoked earlier this month, following concerns about her March arrest in London after she allegedly punched a photographer.

Introducing her song "Everything Is Wonderful" on Saturday, Lily Allen, 22, described President Bush in profane anatomical terms.

"I've been banned from America. That's nice. Oh well, that means I can't go back there. Good," she added, reports MTV News in the U.K.

Friday it was announced that Allen had to postpone September concert dates in America and miss out on the MTV Video Awards due to her Visa problems.

"I am so disappointed that I won't be able to come to the States at this time," Allen said. "I want my fans to know that I'll be back as soon as I possibly can!"

Despite this weekend's outburst, Lily Allen appeared upbeat during her 45-minute set, despite being "a little drunk" during the performance.

Despite their rivalry, she and Amy Winehouse have much in common.

Hopefully the Prez doesn't take her criticism too hard, and can continue celebrating his daughter's engagement to Henry Hager. And enjoying one of his month-long vacations. Running a country is hard work!


Clementines: BUSH HAS NOT FOLLOWED INTERNATIONAL LAW to the tune of hundreds of thousands dead and many US billions wasted.
And note how we're going into a depression on his watch. It's no coincidence. Get a clue!
And bless Lily, a true artist, for having the guts and intelligence to throw it down on Bush/Cheney, the biggest criminals ever! (next to Hitler, of course, but they're working on it!)...
Get ready for the ongoing financial Katrina, care of


You are dissapointed because the president personally won't give in to a vulgar, brainless, drunken twit like you Lily Cankles.. ? I doubt he will ever care about your little ol' wretched life. Bitch at your own country for putting out the word that you are troublesome brat, when you have acted in a crude and mean, crazy manner that caused your arrest., and guess what dumbells; keeping America free and safe does include honoring international laws, keeping track of nutzo's and the president has phones, computers and is in contact with the world where ever he goes or is...


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