Lauren Conrad to Heidi Montag: Stop Kidding Yourself

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Music fans need not look for a Lauren Conrad album in record stores anytime soon. Or anytime at all.

Demonstrating real self-awareness and spewing a little venom Heidi Montag's way, LC told In Touch magazine unequivocally that, believe it or not, she's just a reality TV star, nothing more.

"I promise you: I'll never release an album," Lauren said.

The beauty's reason for being reluctant to sing?

"I don't have either singing or acting talent, so I'm not going to pretend like I do!"


"I don't really have very many talents! I'm okay with it, though."

This comes in response to the more or less disastrous debut of Heidi Montag's new single "Body Language" on Ryan Seacrest's radio show this week.

To sum up, Seacrest played the awful track, which features her "fiance," Spencer Pratt, rapping. It was played on air to widespread disbelief and ridicule.

The pair then claimed they did not want the tune played on the air, and that it was not even Heidi's single, just a joke, leaked without their knowledge, or something.

Bull$h!t. Pink is the New Blog reveals that in an earlier addition of In Touch, Spencer actually said he might leak Heidi's single to none other than Seacrest.

There you have it, in the revolting one's own words. Guess if you're Spencer Pratt, it must get challenging to keep all the scheming and lies straight after awhile.


Perfect work!




okay . so I cannot stand Heidi . she is unbelievable . she seems like she is scared to not be with Spencer because she is afraid of what he might do . he is a loose canon . no girl deserves that , not even Heidi . she would be so much better off without him . she would still have Lauren and probaly would be living a normal life . she needs to realize that she is suffocated .


Well there you go just when you think the joke couldnt get any funnier then comes the music,It wouldn't of been half bad if spenc. wouldn't of tried to rap,but thats him he has to have his nose in every thing.Why don't he get a real job?


Spencer is a master manipulator. Love has nothing to do with it. Heidi is his personal cash cow and he thought he was going to cash in with her song. But the world isn't about Heidi. Besides her new boobies and her little stint on a reality show ( something that these days isn't too hard to get on) she is just another Cali blond trying to be famous for do squat. I can sing better than her. Honestly the track sound like synthisizer music and flat vocal that anyone with a modest ear for music could do. Heidi go back to Bolthouse and stay there. Spencer go, well go do whatever the heck it is you do.


i just wish heidi and lauren were friends again i mean they have had great times on the hills together and it really is just sad


Idont like Heidi Montag U can tell shes a @#!$&
And Yes Lauren is way more pretty then u will EVER BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They released ("leaked") heidi's first single expecting good feed back. When people started to respond negatively to it, heidi and spencer decided to say it was a just a joke...... As for lauren, I personally love her. She's honest and isn't trying to be someone shes not. Finally someone whos not going to release an album or star in a movie just people she has a reality show.

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