Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag Nix Joint Photo Shoot

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When we last left Lauren Conrad on the season two finale of MTV's top-rated reality hit, The Hills, she was seeing off Heidi Montag, as her former BFF and roomie sped away in a U-Haul.

Montag had chosen to move in with her slimy new beau, Spencer Pratt, even though Pratt is a complete prick Lauren Conrad strongly objected to the relationship.

But just because the season ended didn't mean the Lauren-Heidi drama was over.

On May 30, while Conrad, her new roommate, Audrina Patridge, and other pals enjoyed a night out at Les Deux, they ended up having a turf war of sorts with Heidi and Spencer, who showed up at the L.A. club that night.

"They just came right at our table and sat down," Audrina says in the newest Us Weekly. "We were like, ‘What are you doing? Get away! This is our table.' But they said, ‘This is our night, our friends, get out of here.'"

In the end, the couple stormed out of Les Deux in a huff.

By July, the estrangement between Heidi and Lauren was so palpable that Montag didn't take the MTV's promotional photos for season three of The Hills the same day as the rest of the cast - instead posing by herself in the studio for separate pics!

Of course, there are many other photos of Heidi Montag (and that jackass Spencer Pratt) that spontaneously and mysteriously surface online. Meanwhile, LC may have landed, if only for a night, an NBA player in former Duke University star Josh McRoberts.

Regardless, the Team Lauren vs. Team Heidi showdown has officially eclipsed Hollywood's best battles
. What do you think of this drama? Team Heidi or Team LC?


team lc, she's amazing. heidi used to be a real nice girl, until Spencer came into it. I think her and Jordan were a good couple. Spencer is using her in some sick game against LC! &what he did to her using Brody and Jen Bunny was disgusting. Why does everyone do what he says?!


Team Heidi.


team lc all the way. heidi is a dumb girl. she chooses an ugly guy over a real friend? i pity that girl. and getting a boob job just shows how she has such little self-esteem.


Team LC! Heidi is a back stabbing beyotch who thought some stupid prick loved her when all he cared about was hurting Lauren. He doesn't love her and she deserves him if she believes he does. Have a lovely wedding ya'll but don't spend too much of daddy's money on it, but then again the short marriage shouldn't cost them too much.




Team LC, no doubt! i cant believe how Heidi is acting, when the marriage between them fails watch Heidi come crawling back to LC


what a dirty bitch Heidi is, can you imagine your "best" friend (Heidi) setting up your "other best friend" (bunny) with your man (Brody)!! With friends like that, who needs enemies?


GO TEAM LC!! Spencer is a mannequin


Team LAUREN. Heidi is nothing but a ditz with a credit card and a controlling ass-wipe boyfriend. Good luck with your marriage. I hope the divorce goes well.


lemme juss start out by sayin i

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