Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag Nix Joint Photo Shoot

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When we last left Lauren Conrad on the season two finale of MTV's top-rated reality hit, The Hills, she was seeing off Heidi Montag, as her former BFF and roomie sped away in a U-Haul.

Montag had chosen to move in with her slimy new beau, Spencer Pratt, even though Pratt is a complete prick Lauren Conrad strongly objected to the relationship.

But just because the season ended didn't mean the Lauren-Heidi drama was over.

On May 30, while Conrad, her new roommate, Audrina Patridge, and other pals enjoyed a night out at Les Deux, they ended up having a turf war of sorts with Heidi and Spencer, who showed up at the L.A. club that night.

"They just came right at our table and sat down," Audrina says in the newest Us Weekly. "We were like, ‘What are you doing? Get away! This is our table.' But they said, ‘This is our night, our friends, get out of here.'"

In the end, the couple stormed out of Les Deux in a huff.

By July, the estrangement between Heidi and Lauren was so palpable that Montag didn't take the MTV's promotional photos for season three of The Hills the same day as the rest of the cast - instead posing by herself in the studio for separate pics!

Of course, there are many other photos of Heidi Montag (and that jackass Spencer Pratt) that spontaneously and mysteriously surface online. Meanwhile, LC may have landed, if only for a night, an NBA player in former Duke University star Josh McRoberts.

Regardless, the Team Lauren vs. Team Heidi showdown has officially eclipsed Hollywood's best battles
. What do you think of this drama? Team Heidi or Team LC?


... My point is, heidi is a stupid ditzy bubble head brainless bitch who needs to get smacked in the face. so screw u bitches on team heidi, ur just as bad as she is.


Team Heidi? There would be no "team heidi" without the hills and Lauren. Without that show and without lauren, no one would know who heidi was. Ther only reason why you still talk about heidi is because her and spencer keep creating drama (again, based on lauren) to stay in tapoids. good job....


Team LC all the way!! All you people on Team Heidi are on fuc**ng crack!...Do you not watch the show?? are you people blind??




Ummm Team LC and excuse me KATHRYN but Lauren is NOT mad at Audrina... It showed a preview of the upcomming season and Lauren is nothing but there for Audrina because the Justin Bobby guy is a piece of Sh!t... And you're retarded to say that Heidi is so cute... in the preview where she says I guess they are back in the movie making business makes her look like the COMPLETE B!T*H she is... How can you call that cute? Maybe it wasn't Heidi who started it, but I BET it WAS spencer and Heidi's blind retarded a$$ is playing into it... Your stupid if you're on team Heidi shes rediculous...


TEAM HEIDI!!! Lauren is an annoying whiny b*tch. Heidis so cute and just cause she didn't wanna end things with the guy she was in love with doesn't mean she did anything wrong. Now Laurens mad at Audrina for dating a guy. surprise surprise


I am on team heidi! I think LC is the brain washed one she has let all the stardom get her head! I understand you can't believe everything you see on tv that would make all of tv real but from what I do see I see a harder,meaner,different person in LC and no I do not know her personally still what I see is different I don't think heidi is the source of the sex tape rumor or do you not remember her being there for you when the world hated jason and that whole thing came undone for you and even if she is HELLO! LC your the public eye people are going to have alot to say about you but it is how you act and how you carry yourself as a women that makes the bad stuff believable or not. put it aside act like women the end!


Lauren is finally getting what she deserves for trying to take other people's boyfrineds herself. (um...stephen-kristin) She is just mad other people are happy and she is where she should be ALONE


I partially agree. Heidi hasn't done anything exactly mean to Lauren. Heidi was there for the whole Jason fiasco. Lauren cannot have her way at all times. While I do think Spencer was a jerk definitely...he has now proposed and a girl has to make her own decision. It stinks when a friend doesn't talk to you anymore because she doesn't like your boyfriend. a real friend would stick it out. They are both nice is a shame that Lauren doesn't stick by her friends for the bad....shes only there when the going is good. ALSO...if she hates Spencer so much...she should hate Justin Audrinas dude that was on last night. Hello he left her in Vegas..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lauren is the horrible person. All Heidi did was date someone she loves. Lauren Conrad is a snotty little brat that has to have everything her way or she will forget about a friend in a heartbeat. "LC" doesn't know how to be a friend. She doesn't even know if Heidi was spreading rumors about her. She just believes MEDIA reports which are largley false. She has truley become just another fake LA girl whos going to lose all her friends because of reality "FAME" LAUREN CONRAD is coldhearted and pathetic

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