Kim Kardashian Talks Giant Boobs, Large Buttocks

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Kim Kardashian has a big butt and she cannot lie.

The star of a future reality show (kill us now, please) recently talked about her exceptionally large breasts and big ass.

Quite Alluring

"I'm Armenian; you should see all the women in my family," the socialite said. "The women have bigger breasts and bigger butts."

Really? Guess that means Kim isn't related to the abnormally gaunt Jenna Jameson.

The former close pal of Paris Hilton also blamed her DNA for such enormous assets:

"That's how I was born. I'm not gonna fight it."

And neither are all the men that have seen Kim Kardashian nude. It's no small crowd.


bendingover looks like a large lightbulb.


I've seen all da women in her family and they ALL HAVE PLASTIC SURGERY!


beautyful girls


what a cheap hoe with a fat ghetto ass. hey nobody is hating here we are just saying the truth.she is the most useless celeb wanna be,cheap paris copycat,skank a whore,slut you name it.i started to respect pAris more after i saw this fat ass


I think she's doing like everyone else, she using what she has to achieve what she desires. Quit hatin


I like big butts. Uh huh.


I love how she says shes not gonna fight it no one said to fight it just dont be a whore who cant stop showing it off the women in my family have larger hips and a big but hell im only 16 and my butts bigger then Kim Kardashian its just im not a whore and neither are the women in my family. so her fake implants arent excuse for her not closing her legs


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