Katharine McPhee: The Panties Picture

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Katharine McPhee blows.

No, we don't mean she sucks.

Katharine McPhee Breasts

Nor are we referring to any sort of oral sex moments along the lines of another former American Idol contestant, Antonella Barba.

We mean this literally: Katharine McPhee is blowing in the photos below. Or, to be more specific, her dress is. Unlike Britney Spears and a host of other young Hollywood women desperate for attention, however, this beauty knows how to rock a pair of underpants.

Amazing, isn't it? 

The singer who never should have finished second to Taylor Hicks is seen here in a flesh colored bodysuit on the L.A. set of the upcoming Untitled Anna Faris Project. Yes, that's the same movie that depicts a half-nude Rumer Willis in a dunce cap.

We can't wait to see it!

As much as we wish to see Katharine McPhee naked, we're proud of this classy lady for not giving us a glimpse of her romantic region.

Unlike Gemma Atkinson nude - who has to shed her clothes just to remain in celebrity news headlines - McPhee can allow talent to carry her.


Oh man, she's SOOOOOOO HOTT!!!


What a babe!!!


AIEXTREMIST, it's YOU who is pathetic. Kat McPhee is the best thing to ever come out of Idol! She'll be around for year s to come while the others from that year will be long forgotten!


Too bad American doesn't agree. Kat's album flopped so hard everyone in her season is outselling her. Even William Hung has outsold her. It's really pathetic.


The title of the movie is "House Bunny". Katharine plays a member of the lamest sorority on campus. She'll be playing a pregnant hippy. I think the panties are her maternity suit which holds her "baby bump". I can't wait to see it. She sure has a cute be-hind, don't she-----


I love Katharine. I love what you said about her talent carrying her, its very true. I can't wait for the movie :)


McPhee is a piece of trash.


What a lovely sight to behold. I always thought Katharine McPhee's rump looked a little flat in jeans but I obviously was mistaken.


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