Kate Walsh Prepares to Enter Her Own Private Practice

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"Are you guys talking about me?" asks the beautiful and talented Kate Walsh, with faux fire flashing in her eyes.

"'Cause I don't trust a-one of you!"

Kate Walsh Nude

On Sunday, the actress, who shares the same sassy of her Grey's Anatomy alter ego, Dr. Addison Montgomery, played host to a large, rather loud table of actors.

Fortunately, Isaiah Washington was not on hand.

The occasion is her first-ever sit-down dinner with the cast of her new and controversial Grey's Anatomy spin-off, Private Practice.

But, as TV Guide reports, the group already seems like a rowdy, frat-house style family even if they've only finished one week of shooting.

Kate Walsh is then shot down about the topic of discussion.

"No, you egomaniac," says her old friend and fellow cast member, Paul Adelstein.  "But I gotta tell you, that dress you've got on is very good for the boobs!"

This line could easily have come straight out of Grey's Anatomy, but if Shonda Rhimes, executive producer of both shows, is serious about the "lighter, more comedic tone" of Private Practice, it could also be a line from her new series.

Follow the link to continue reading this TV Guide feature on one of the fall's most anticipated new shows, Private Practice ...

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