Kanye West Hates The Hollywood Gossip, Celebrity News Blogs

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We were always nice to Kanye West's fiancee, Alexis Phifer.

So we can only hope that the rapper isn't including The Hollywood Gossip among the celebrity blogs he recently told Complex magazine he can't stand.

Kanye Smiles

"Man, it really takes a strong person to read the blogs," West says in the next issue of the publication, which he guest-edited. "It's just no-holds-barred. So if you're feeling good about yourself and you want to feel like sâ€", go to the blogs."

Kanye West isn't a fan of celebrity gossip sites.

That's not fair, Kanye. We only say mean things about people that deserve it, such as Ving Rhames being a moron for keeping killer dogs on hand; or Spencer Pratt for, well, being Spencer Pratt.

But we're more than kind to other celebs. That photo of Lisa Rinna nude, for example? Gorgeous! Same for Heidi Montag nude.

Please take back your comments, man.


In my believes she has what every model can only ask for, a well done job, keeping themselves in fit , that the number one priority.


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