Johnny Headlock: Amy Winehouse Says Yes, Yes, Yes to Sex

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Amy Winehouse loves to drink and do drugs.

But her ex-boyfriend claims there's something else the troubled singer loves to do: any guy she can straddle.

Bent Over and Ready

Indeed, Johnny Headlock says he had a coke-fuelled bedroom romp with the wayward star and suggests she get help for her libido as much as for her imbibing.

"Amy needs help," the man with the professional wrestling-type name told News of the World. "She's got serious drug problems and, from my experience, is addicted to sex, too."

Winehouse - along with husband Blake Fielder-Civil - has been in and out of rehab all month. Last week, they spent a grand total of 48 hours there.

Hi. I'm Amy. I'm just about as freaky as one can get.

Headlock, meanwhile, claims he enjoyed a three-hour bedroom romp with the singer last year while she was trying to get back with Blake.

"She was wild. I didn't know about her other lovers at the time. She went for hours and couldn't get enough. We must have gone through five or six different positions. She liked being on top," Johnny said.

Wow. And we though the admission by Evan Rachel Wood that she likes blood and music video sex would be the most groundbreaking celebrity news regarding intercourse this week.

Winehouse's former lover added: "She made a lot of noise and loved being spanked. It was really rock 'n'roll."

Paulina James would be so proud.


ha-yeah this guy is a possible murderer isn't he? whatever, amy winehouse might have her problems but at least she's talented and making music and not pushing people off balconies.
sounds like a cry for publicity to be associated with someone famous, he's associated with loser doherty and a murder rap too...
hope she sues him


"Headlock" is describing date rape. "Boost" combo ruffie&E&blow. Dealer in the house?????


This the same Headlock who confessed to killing Mark Blanco ? Dock's eff buddy.


whew, this troglodyte has a face not a even mother troglodyte could love. a bag
won't work to cover her head. better use a trash can.


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