Jason Wahler & Katja Decker-Sadowski: Engaged!

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Summer is almost over, but that doesn't mean it's not a great time to turn over a new leaf and begin life anew. Especially for recovering reality TV alcoholics.

Fresh out of rehab and four arrests in four states in the span of a year, former Laguna Beach star Jason Wahler says he's a new man ... and he's getting married!


Wahler's representative confirmed to TMZ that Jason officially proposed last weekend to his girlfriend, USC student and tennis star, Katja Decker-Sadowski.

Jason picked out some serious bling - a four-carat, emerald cut diamond ring - in Beverly Hills. Spencer Pratt and the fake ring he pretended to give Heidi Montag can suck it.

Jason Wahler and Katja Decker-Sadowski have been dating for six months or so, having gotten together even before he got out of detox.

The couple, which recently moved in together in Los Angeles, has not set a date. Wahler, fans surely remember used to date Lauren Conrad on both The Hills and Laguna Beach, but his being repeatedly being a dick caused messy breakups both times.

Still, he's committed to a new life, he and LC are friends, and Jason seems very happy since he met Katja Decker-Sadowski, so we're all for this union. Congrats, kids!

Here are some photos of Jason Wahler and Katja Decker-Sadowski. So in love!


iF jAsoN MaRriEs hEr I wIlL die! he totally still likes lauren watch the hills. i hope he breakup with her and then lauren and jason get back togetheR!!!!! And katja is such a B***H she calls lauren stupid andevrything. she needs 2 get a life away from jason. p.s. jason is sooo sexii <3


im a hills fan from england and loved lauren and jason since laguna (steven not good enough !!)really want them to get back together and live happily ever after xxxxxxxxxx


u can still see the chemistry b/w them even at the party. its obvios that jason intentionally wanted to get back at LC and i doubt this engagement will mature into a marriage.katja seems like a rebound. Jason and LC are a match even though there may be rough times. at some level i think deep inside two of them are silently broken.


woww jason actually got engaged!! i think lauren is waaaaaaaaaaay better lookinnnn than katja...theres no comparison !


Jason is very much a hottie, if things dont work out with Katja, come visit me Down Under and me and my friends will show him what Aussie chicks are all about.


well am glad he movied on and am sorry lauren didnt stay with him and i now shes kind of hurt cus hes with another girl but hey u got to move on and look for a for someone who will make u happy. jason is happy for what he has at the moment. but watch out theres girls who just go for the $$ and some are good people. so good luck :)


i hate her


wuteva i think lauren should be with BRODY...Jason is way too much drama and he got a lot of issues to deal wit b4 he get married...i feel real sorry 4 his fiancee...but he is real cute though...im juss not on is side for this one...let katja deal wit him


i personally think jason is gorgeous. Lauren is beatiful and I am such a big fan of theres. I was so excited that he was gonna be on the hills3 but was devastated to find out he was engaged. I love Jason n Lauren together. His fiancee ..i dont know . .she just looks like a skanky white trash chick. he can get much better. . sadness


ummm okay all you lesbien lauren lovers. you guys are probably all just jealous of his fiance..
katjas pretty damn hot

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Jason Wahler, a Laguna Beach and Hills veteran, is a meathead to the extreme. With four separate arrests in as many states, he's set the... More »
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I think there's going to be some serious beat-downs. I so want to right now.

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I do not have a sex tape of Lauren Conrad and one does not exist. Spencer Pratt is lying again to get attention.

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