Jared Murillo Does Ashley Tisdale, New Boy Band

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Move over Zanessa. And make room for Jashley!

While Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens receive a majority of the attention from celebrity news outlets, their High School Musical co-star is also involved in a burgeoning relationship.

Short and Tall

Indeed, Ashley Tisdale and Jared Murillo are an adorable couple. They're also building solid careers for themselves.

While Tisdale will most likely return for High School Musical 3, Murillo is actually joining a new boy band called The Factory. We didn't know boy bands still existed, either, but here are a few words from Jared's father about the new group...

On the formation of The Factory: "Warner Brothers signed him two weeks ago. It's a boy band like NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block with four other young men, and the group's called The Factory. They were brought together from all across the country, and they'll all be singing and dancing. They put Jared as the cornerstone."

On the future of The Factory's music: "They've already recorded six tracks, half of the album is done, and they are going to finish it in a couple of months. We hope to have the album out November-December, followed by a tour."

On The Factory's sound: "It's a really hip, great sound. It's a boy band sound, except they sound more modern than the boy bands. It's really rock-and-roll stuff. It's superb music. It's very harmonizing. They are outta sight tracks. Of those six tracks, I loved each one of them."

Sounds exciting. We can't wait to compare these tunes to the new songs by Britney Spears and Jordin Sparks.

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ashley tesdale is my role modle and lucky charm. I just remember her while doing any work


i really like ashley and jared .i wish that they become the hottest coupel 4 ever


i really like ashley and jared .i wish that they become the hottest coupel 4 ever


i think jashley(jared murillo n ashley tisdale) really good couple.... maybe sombody didn't like him. but i think ashley's relly like him sooooo muccccccccch ever. jared is really respecfull guy.
and i just want 2 say..........


q casal mais lindo
esses dois forman
bjs !!!
ass: tanny


ashley ele é bonito.
mais prefiro zac.
fas alguma coisa pra vc ficar com ele pois,vcs fazem um casal lindo!!! beijão vc é muito linda.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


it`s ok what ashley is with but ash is better with zac efron but she is we are ok concugretion ashley tisdale byebye valeri


i hate jared im jellious of him i wish that i could date ashley in stead, hes the wrong guy for her and zac would not be the right one for her either, i would be im lonelie and ive never had a pretty girl to date before, i want a chance with ashley. her and jared dont make a cute couple, ashley plus me = true love forever and ever


Just...I don't like Jared,and I'll never will.I don't trust him,and I'll never like to see him next to Ashley,who's awesome 4ever and my role model(I love Ashley!!).I really,really don't like him!And I think Ash should date Lucas(but that's my opinion,and she's not forced to make it).
That's all.


i think ashley and jared make souch a nice couple they're just really nice kids and even though ash's older than jared they seem to work it out right? i mean i luv 'em both i think they're like super talented and i wish i could b like 'em someday hsm really changed my life and it's thanks to all of 'em so how wasnt i gunna love'em??they're the greates !oh..i met a hsm dancer who was jared's friend n he said that jared is a mormon any idea if that's acctually true!!

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