Janice Dickinson, Nude Morons Rally for PETA

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At least we don't have to see Janice Dickinson naked in the photo below.

But we do need to put up with more nonsense from people who think getting naked in the name of animal protection is the best way to spend their time. (No offense, Holly Madison nude. You're the exception.)

Janice Dickinson for PETA

Other celebrities that have contributed to this fight include Pamela Anderson and Famke Janssen. But we're most bothered by Dickinson and the underwear-clad male models seen here, rallying on behalf of PETA's "We'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign.

Aren't there better causes to protest? Like the Iraq war, where actual human beings are dying? Or Michael Vick and dogfighting, if they wish to remain topical?

Phew. We can focus our eye balls on the Mary-Louise Parker nude billboard behind these idiots campaigning on behalf of PETA.

"By showing some of our skin, we hope to help save animals' skins," the crazy, former model said.

Give Dickinson credit on that: if she ever threatened to take it all off, we probably would give in to all demands. No horny cops will be asking for nude photos of her any time soon.

In the end, we're not anti-animals by any means. We just have our priorities straight. Let's focus on people living in poverty and Britney Spears receiving professional help before we care about the occasional minx being killed.


Are you kidding me? people like you deserve to be skinned alive. "The occasional minx being killed" Do you know how many animals are tortured and killed for the fur that ugly ass people like you wear? Get your facts straight before you start mocking other peoples decision to stand up for those creatures who can't speak for themselves. Atleast these people got up off their asses to try and help the cause, unlike you who decided to sit on your lazy fucking ass and hide behind a computer screen to insult them. You should be proud of yourself.


i totally agree!


If she feels passionate enough about it to make a stand for it then all the more to her.


Nobody want to see Janice's old saggy ass!!! Go protest over the war!! Sexy Models though


You are an idiot. At least Janice has a voice and can use that voice to make a point to a LOT of people. Those like you should be skinned and worn as decoration.