Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt Suck at Tennis, Life

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We know, we know. We don't talk about Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag nearly enough, and you're dying to know what they're up to at all times.

Well, we can't tell you where they are right now, but last weekend, they were on "vacation" (how that's possible when you don't have a job, we aren't sure) in Mexico. Here are some photos of the gruesome twosome on the tennis court.

Looking right at home, Spencer Pratt cups a pair of balls in his hand, while Heidi assumes the familiar position of clasping a (graphite) shaft between her legs.

Man, these two are nauseating. We get it! You are so athletic and have so much fun together! Forgive us while we go ogle our recent tennis-themed photo finish of Lucy Pinder and Anna Kournikova as we rid our minds of a shirtless Spencer.

With The Hills set to return on Monday, Spencer Pratt and his plastic fiancee have spared little expense when it comes to keeping their annoying selves in the public eye, all the while relentlessly ripping co-star and Heidi's former BFF, Lauren Conrad.

We can't even imagine what kind of drama lies ahead in Season 3 of The Hills, but we can tell you this much: we'll be watching every second of it!


Perfect work!


For a minute I felt bad for Heidi for being with that Pshyco!! everyones right your a dumbass to Heidi your with the pshyco LOL. As for your boobs I really dont see anything wrong with getting assets that you need.


I agree, this story is pointless...but as long as heidi and spencer continue to strive for attention by continuously dissing "a friend", we might as well comment on how pathetic they both are... They're true personalities are definately starting to show.


How can you tell someone sucks at tennis when you don't even have pictures of them actually playing, or what their scores were! I agree Spencer and Heidi are gross, but come on people! What the @$%# is this story!?


Spencer all i can say is GET HELP!!!


Spencer s absolutely hideous! He's ugly, scrawny yet chubby, and a jerk with no personality. I would ask what Heidi sees in him but she's not much better. Also, the "engagement" ring? Seriously, come on! I thought a diamond was supposed to be given to a girl. I could tell that cocktail ring apart from a diamond on TV! He bought it at a store that sold shoes and purses! You aren't fooling anyone nto thinking you have money. Anyone can purchase an amethyst you retard! Spencer needs to remain on the show. He's the laughing stock of L.A!


um yea, these two look like real pros on the court. i agree -- suck at tennis, suck at life.


Spencer please just go away. First of all, the Hills was not created for you. You forced yourself on the show by dating Heidi and got some celebrity status out of it. Now to bash on Lauren saying that she is trying to get media attention on both of your expense is so out of this world that both you and Heidi are in Lala land. Please take your medication and fade away.


Ewwww, what's wrong with Heidi's torso. It looks so odd.


Yeah they suck....These two are truly pathetic, they market themselves by dissing on others, sad. They do not appear to have any talent other than product placement of themselves and they do that poorly.

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