Heidi Montag: Lauren Conrad is a Low-Life, I Hate Her

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A day after Spencer Pratt fired off an angry tirade against Lauren Conrad and her supporters via his (non-functioning) website, his "fiancee" Heidi Montag begged shamelessly for attention has added her two cents.

When asked in an interview with Philadelphia radio station Q102 how much she hates Lauren Conrad, the always bubbly Heidi Montag answered:

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"A lot. I think it's really pathetic that she's so obsessed with my life and my relationship. I really think she needs to concentrate on something else, it's sad. I never could be friends with a low-life like that."

Spencer Pratt, whose beef with Conrad is no secret, joined in on the LC-bashing session, offering a derisive "Haha" when the radio hosts made mention of her fashion line and called LC's designs "stupid."

Pratt derided his co-star on The Hills even further when asked if he was waiting for a tabloid to pay him for the dirt on Lauren.

"I'm just trying to see if I even want to waste my breath talking about this stupid girl anymore," said the slimy one.

Heidi Montag also told listeners that if it weren't for favorable editing, "the world would hate [Lauren Conrad]."

As for their engagement, the couple explained that they were too busy currently to plan a wedding. Montag, however, told a caller that living with Pratt is like "living with your best friend."

Gag. Oh well. Misery loves company.


seriously heidi u shud stop bagging LC, she asked u 2 be on her show, she was a gr8 friend 2 u and now ur stabbing her in the back. "A lot. I think it's really pathetic that she's so obsessed with my life and my relationship. I really think she needs to concentrate on something else, it's sad. I never could be friends with a low-life like that." what the hell, laurens not a low life and why would she be obsessed with sum1 like u! she was just concerned 4 u and wanting 2 look out 4 u.. seriously u shud take a long hard look at ur life, how much better was it when u and LC were friends?


first of all can i say i love the hills and cant wait 4 season 3 to start in Australia!! Heidi was so stupid to choose spencer over lauren. spencer treats heidi like dirt but she keeps running back to him like hes sooo gr8! heidi seriously its time to wake up and see just what a dog spencer is, he even said that he wouldnt change, he even has 2 fones!!! thats so dumb. Lauren is awsum, even though she may be clingly at times, shes just looking out 4 heidi, lauren can actually see what a dog spencer is because he hasnt brainwashed her!! oh and by the way heidi i think u should sue ur plastic surgeon, ur nose and chest look awful soz but they do. Neways cant wait 4 the new season 2 start!
Peace out xoxo


Lauren was a good friend to Heidi! It was so clear to see that LC would have done anything for her! Heidi's relationship with Spencer is such a sham! I hope she sits and watches the last episode of season two when Spencer is telling Brody that hes a playboy and he's not gonna change for anybody! After telling Heidi his 'playboy' days are over! What an @ss!


Lauren is so spoiled. She loses friends because she doen't want anyone to be happy or have a boyfriend. Because she thinks she's better than everyone else and the world would stop without her. She needs to get over herself and realize being a friend means being there through thick and thin, not just when they kiss her ass.


oh my god, doesn't anyone see how annoying a friend lauren is in general?? always controlling her friends' lives and hating her friends' boyfriends. i see some obsessive and dominating behaviour there and would hate to be in a friendship like that. she is clingy, and NOT a good, supportive friend.


It doesn't make sense. Hiedi was the one who was leaving Lauren. All LC was trying to do was to help her "best friend" no longer. I dont understand how people can act like that.
Its pathetic it really is.


hey ive only seen to shows and i think that heidi didnt say anythiing, although i think it could have definently be spencer i think heidi is also a smart person and see right through spencer so i think lc was beig a concerned friend but heidi loves spencer and wants to change him If you ask me i say stop fighting yuo guys were best friends so get over it and move on


Am I the only one who hates Lauren Conrad? She is so jealous of all her friends. What a nag!


Heidi wouldn't even be "famous" without lauren. Thanks to Lauren's show, the hills, heidi became "famous" As for her fiancee spencer, he's a total jerk and player, i dont think they will make it to the altar, but knowing that stupid heidi, she'll stay with him. I'm so glad Lauren and Adrina are roommates now, adrina is so much better than heidi


Heidi and spencer are a joke.... They are both nobody's trying to get publicity though an arguement between "friends". With out "the hills" No one would even know who heidi or spencer were....


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