Heidi Montag: Lauren Conrad is a Low-Life, I Hate Her

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A day after Spencer Pratt fired off an angry tirade against Lauren Conrad and her supporters via his (non-functioning) website, his "fiancee" Heidi Montag begged shamelessly for attention has added her two cents.

When asked in an interview with Philadelphia radio station Q102 how much she hates Lauren Conrad, the always bubbly Heidi Montag answered:

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"A lot. I think it's really pathetic that she's so obsessed with my life and my relationship. I really think she needs to concentrate on something else, it's sad. I never could be friends with a low-life like that."

Spencer Pratt, whose beef with Conrad is no secret, joined in on the LC-bashing session, offering a derisive "Haha" when the radio hosts made mention of her fashion line and called LC's designs "stupid."

Pratt derided his co-star on The Hills even further when asked if he was waiting for a tabloid to pay him for the dirt on Lauren.

"I'm just trying to see if I even want to waste my breath talking about this stupid girl anymore," said the slimy one.

Heidi Montag also told listeners that if it weren't for favorable editing, "the world would hate [Lauren Conrad]."

As for their engagement, the couple explained that they were too busy currently to plan a wedding. Montag, however, told a caller that living with Pratt is like "living with your best friend."

Gag. Oh well. Misery loves company.


Lauren Conrad is a stupid bitch who nees to stay the hell out of other ppls lives and stop being so freaking sensitive and controlling over everything! She's the bad friend here, not just Heidi, cos everyone seems to be blaming just Heidi! And also, she got mad at Audrina for hooknig up with Justin, but LC is the one getting back together with Jason ALL THE TIME! i mean come one, how can you tell your "best friend" to not date him again, but still do the same thing yourself? Ohh, and she thinks she's a great friend and other people just screw her over all times! And no one can ever get mad at her, but she can start hating someone if she likes! GROW the fuck up! seriosly, LC is lame, stupid and i absolutely hate her!


LC is a dump bitch! honestly! stay out of other ppls lives, let heidi make her own mistakes! geez!


Heidi how pathetic are you? Lauren is right in all the thinks she says about Spencer. She's not jealous. He's an asshole?! You're clearly the only one who CANNOT see that. If I were you, I would have left that douchebag a long time ago. Omfg..


Heidi is such a loser. Would you even call her fashion line ummm...fashion??? It's basically what you would see a street walker wearing (Like Heidi oooooo). I know we, as fans, may not know them personally so we may not know how they act in person but as far as The Hills and what we see, I totally think Heidi, her sister, Spencer, his sister, and their families are super fake and crap. They only put others down to make themselves feel better and you know what...its sad, very sad. I cant wait for season 4 tonite so maybe lauren and whitney and Lo and maybe the not-so-porn star Audrina can be happy and get along and maybe heidi and spencer and his sister and heidi's sister will get struck with lightning or run over by the paparazzi that dont like them...then again, who does.


i think that heidi is so horrible. lauren is trying to look out for you.
and we all seen it when u was trying to be friends with lauren,.


Heidi, I gogled for a heidi montag hate club and you are lucky you dont have one, yet! From my point of view you are a low-life dumb ass stupid bitch and you CANNOT sing, you sound like a dieing cat with sinus infection! I HATE YOU SO MUCH!


So Heidi and Spencer both hate Lauren, but have they realised 99% of the hills fans hate both of them!


Heidi is so low. The only time people pay attention to her is when she is trashing LC. Oh yeah, or when she is making the pathetic excuse of music.


You know what? I absolutely agree with Heidi. I hate Spencer but I love Heidi. Lauren is so fake and ridiculous I can hardly watch the show anymore. She thinks she is so great with clothes and fashion but really, does she look any different and innovative than anyone else in Hollywood? Absolutely NOT! We don't need another fashion line from any more celebrity wannabe's like Lauren. It would be JUST like every one else's.
Have you all noticed that the only time Heidi talks about Lauren is when someone else brings her up? However it seems that in every stupid episode of the Hills Lauren is always talking about Heidi. Get a life Lauren. It's not like that show is real anyway. We all know that it's written and scripted.
I am just so sick of hearing how Heidi is the villan in all of this because she is the only real person on that show. She is talented and she is a beautiful person. Just a little blind eyed when it comes to Spencer.


I just think the whole show became a wreck when Lauren and Hiedi broke off the freindship. Hiedi, evrything was your fault, you were the antaganist you were the crude cruel one and you were the one who ended up paying te price. Lauren is the victim, the one who did nothing wrong and didnt say a word out of the way to anyone so take evryone's advice and leave the girl alone and go on with your sorry life.


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