Fashion Face-Off: Suri Cruise vs. Violet Affleck

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Some contests are no-brainers.

We don't suspect our ongoing Lauren Conrad-Heidi Montag debate to be a close race when it comes to fan sentiment. Of course, personality often plays a role in that face-off as well.

High Heeled

When celebrity babies collide, though, gossip readers had best watch out. More often than not, the cuteness meter is going to be off the charts.

Below, Suri Cruise and Violet Affleck both don similar, adorable sun dresses and look absolutely precious. Who gets your vote as the best dressed?

This celebrity baby battle is going down to the wire.

While the spawn of TomKat may take a lot of abuse simply because of her famous (and somewhat strange) folks, there's no doubting what a little sweetheart she is.

As for Violet (left) - the daughter of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck - very little is said about her one way or the other. This has to change! Look how awesome she is! Ben can't keep living off his Good Will Hunting fame forever.


Violet is very ugly. She will only get worse as she gets older. The same ugly features Jennifer Garner has- both look like Pappy in hillbilly cartoons! All they need is a corncob pipe in their mouth! Beedy eyes and ugly dunce mouths. The Dunce look. Ben has an ugly family.


How & why Ben boned her has me stumped. Jen is like a big bucktooth glob piece of BOXY flesh. YUCK!!!!


Violet is ugly and she has her Moms buckteeth. Her Mom is unshapley and when she wears pants she looks like she has a mans wee wee. Why people refuse to tell the truth is beyond me. Bethel thanks for your honesty.


hey you dirty snot nosed BETHEL person,i think that Violet Affleck is the most adourable child in the whole wide world! i bet she is better looking than you slime ball. i vote for VIOLET all the way. her ears are just as cute as her mothers.they look great. oh and there are nothing wrong with her teeth. every kid gets braces eventualy anyway,so just back off jerk. -like i'll give u my real name! hahaha


violet is much cuter than suri watch out people,she is going to be one of da bombshell in the near future.compared to suri she had a lovely cheekbone like her mum.suri to is cute but I vote for violet


Violet is one of the ugliest kids I have eve seen. She has crazy Golem teeth. I don't understand why more people don't say that. I did see a site once in which they did acknowledge how ugly she is. I just can't stand it. She is an ugly big eared kid with gross teeth. Hopefully she will get cuter when she grows up

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