Fashion Face-Off: Suri Cruise vs. Violet Affleck

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Some contests are no-brainers.

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    I can't believe how awful you people are. Violet is a beautiful little girl! And you said Jennifer Garner is ugly??..... HA! that shows your taste. Consider yourselves disregarded. what's ugly is your snobby, baby-bashing, lowlife personalities.


    Suri, my dears, has great style for a vote is for Shiloh (not on the list) because she reminds me of myself when i was younger...but Suri takes the cake. Violet is not...*trying to not sound rude* exactly "adorable" nor "cute"....but let's just see whose the cutest when alls said and done and they are young women.


    Suri has no personality just like her mother. When you look into her eyes there is nothing there; she looks like a zombie. She's never smiling in any of her pictures either. I think she may have mental problems, and her weird parents aren't helping.

    Violet is cute, but she definitely has some F'ed up teeth. Fortunately she will lose them and will get another shot at it. If her adult teeth come in like that she will definitly be in braces - probably for a long time.

    I vote for Violet because she is a cute, happy, normal kid with nice parents who don't spoil her with designer clothes, but with lots of love and playtime.


    Annie i think your the only one in this bunch of retard that think violet isnt good looking but actually said it in a nice way couldve been a little nicer but WAY better then these a**holes

    OMG you guys are ridiculous how awful can someone be to say that a 2 years old girl is ugly shes adorable she looks like a normal kid with dimples and doesnt look like a little rich kid she acts normal and dresses normaly not in like 500$ outfits. On the other and SSuri is just as cute except she doesnt have the baby features she looks like a 5 -6 year old child but still incredibly pretty and so is Violet. You guys are awful i hope everyone who insulted the kid dont have kids and never do none of you deserve a kid. Sorry but thats my thoughht i would never say that a bout a kid ok maybe say she looks odd (even thought she doesnt) but i would never go as far as to say a child is ugly.


    Ben should have married Jennifer Lopez, then they could have better looking children. Instead, Violet is rather odd looking, and so are JLO's twins with Marc Anthony. Violet looks exactly like her mom, and JLO's kids look like Marc!!


    Violet Affleck is such a pretty girl that i bet that she is way cuter then all of u were as a child.
    if u really new what pretty was then u would be getting plastic surgery to fix that thing u call a face instead of making fun of a pretty little girl just to make u feel better. screw u! Violet rocks!


    Suri Cruise, despite what people say about her dad, is ADORABLE. Shes like a little porcelian doll with big brown eyes and an innocent smile. She truly is a cutie. Violet Aflleck, on the other hand, is not what I would consider a cute or pretty kid. She just looks beyong average and nothing about her is striking or pretty. Sorry, thats the truth. Look at her, she has beady eyes and weird teeth and...its just not pretty nor will it ever be.


    i love suri and violet, i think they look like sisters


    Bethel, Rocko and Agree I agree with all of you. She has mosquito stung eyes and jug ears. The scary thing is she is not even three years old and her "cuteness" has already peaked. It's all down hill from here. Heck, I've seen better looking kids walking down the streets. Celebrity status and money doesn't equal cute kids. Thank God her hair is growing long enough to cover those hideous looking ears. Her best feature is her jack-o- lantern smile. Talk about getting hit with the ugly stick.


    Violet is definitely cuter. She is probably responsible for starting my baby fever! The dimples and the faces she makes are precious.

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