Fashion Face-Off: Ashley Tisdale vs. Kelly Clarkson

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While her High School Musical co-stars, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, receive all the attention, Ashley Tisdale is doing what she can to remain in the celebrity news.

In this case, that means dressing like the first-ever American Idol champion. And, of course, there are many worse people out there to emulate than Kelly Clarkson.

Scarlett Johansson, Nude Dress

Like Amy Winehouse.

So fans should be glad Tisdale has found such an appealing role model. But does she look better than Clarkson in the outfit below? You tell us!

We know who Jared Murillo is voting for.

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They both do look gorgeous in the dress, but I must say Ashley rock it, so I definetely think Ashley makes it look better
And for hater
just cause your a fan of kelly clarkson doesn't mean you have to insult Ashley, they both still look beautiful, but i must say in my opion Ashley does look way better


i like ashleys kelly is okay but ashley looks way better????


Kelly Rocked it! Did you see Ash's new video... uhhh is she trying to be Kelly or what! GET YOUR OWN STYLE ASHLEY TISDALE


***Kelly clarkson*** eres la mejooooooooooooor de todo este planeta.


kelly es mejor que la boba de ashley.


obio que kelly clarkson es mucho mas bonita y mejor que esa tonta de ashley tisdale.


Ashley's shoes are so cute! They totally make the outfit!


Ashley looks way better than kelly!


Kelly looks so weird in this pic !! Anyways i choose Ashley tisdale ! She looks way better than kelly !


Ashley, no question, she looks way hotter in it