Evan Rachel Wood Nipple Slip From GQ Photo Spread

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Evan Rachel Wood. It's not just for Marilyn Manson anymore.

Well, she is where it counts the most. But in her most recent photo spread for GQ, it appears as if Evan Rachel Wood decided to let a nipple slip. See for yourself.

Evan Rachel Wood Nipple Slip

Evan Rachel Wood is a cute girl, and this a hot photo, but what a tease.

For crying out loud, look at Marilyn Manson's ex-wife! Every other photo we see is of Dita Von Teese naked! You've got big shoes to fill, Evan Rachel!


Oh shut up, she's a hot woman she does not need to try too hard. Just because the MAKEUP ARTISTS FOR THE SHOOT decided to put a lot of makeup and ugly ass cloths on her doesn't mean SHE is trying too hard. It's not like the warderobe was her choice. Whatever, she's too classy to replace Dita and she's also way prettier than Dita, so I don't think it's gonna work out...


no curves, boyish body, too much makeup, slutty clothing TRYING TOO HARD


i m sad


Evan Rachel Wood Biography

Evan Rachel Wood Nipple Slip
Evan Rachel Wood is a cute young actress who was dating Marilyn Manson. Really. As of January 2007 and all the way up until late 2008... More »
Raleigh, North Carolina
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Evan Rachel Wood