Brynn Cameron, Matt Leinart Reach Custody Agreement

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Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart and his former girlfriend, Brynn Cameron, have reached a custody deal over their 10-month-old son, Cole.

"Yes, I can confirm that an agreement was reached," said Ron Rale, an attorney for Cameron, outside the courtroom after a hearing that lasted under 10 minutes.

Before the hearing, a source close to the case said that child support issues were resolved "a couple weeks ago" and that Monday's hearing related to custody only.

Brynn Cameron, 21, plans a return to USC's basketball team this fall and looked upbeat as she waited with family members before the hearing.

Matt Leinart, 24, did not show in court. Instead, his attorney Laura Wasser (who is also Britney Spears' divorce lawyer - more on that later) was on hand.

In a July interview with the Ventura County Star, Cameron ripped Leinart over his parenting, saying she spends "99.9 percent of the time" with Cole and that "it's been hard when I'm doing all the work, but he gets all the credit."

Cameron has said at length that Matt's bachelor lifestyle and continued interest in the Hollywood scene concerns her with regards to raising their little boy.

In fact, in the courtroom hallway, a TMZ staffer heard Brynn say, "Britney and Paris aren't allowed to be around the baby!"

That's not part of the custody settlement. As far as we know, Leinart has had no recent contact with either, though he has sucked face with both in the past.

Several people familiar with the former couple say Cameron has been jealous and upset because Leinart refused to marry her. Though Brynn has questioned Matt's commitment to his son, he is the one who petitioned for more custody.

After her criticism, Matt Leinart fired back, saying he's "gone to great lengths to increase my custodial time with Cole. This includes seeking intervention from the family law court."

A source close to Matt Leinart added: "He wants to spend more time with his little boy, that's it. He flies in from Arizona every week to see his baby. [Brynn Cameron] is a great mom, he has nothing bad to say about her."

The athletic pair of USC students dated briefly but split in late 2006. Under the settlement, while one has the child, the other can't visit uninvited. The first time Matt had the baby overnight, Brynn reportedly stayed outside his door the entire time.

Brynn can travel with Cole during her season as per the pact. As for money, the temporary order locks the amount of child support she gets at $12,500 a month.


$12500 a month isn't that much in California after you deduct tax. She will only get around $8500 a month. It will get you by if you own a house and car. If it's in another state, then it's a lot. Regardless of the court situation and result, I despise any man who refuses to marry a woman he impregnates. If you don't want the responsibility, don't sleep with her without protection in the first place (yeah, that's you Matt and Brady). This is coming from me, a husband of a great wife and a father of a wonderful son. American culture has gotten so corrupt now when it comes to sex and marriages. Divorce is off the roof. I'm definitely going to teach my son well about family values starting from elementary school.


For me personally, it's less about sticking up for Matt Leinhart (I could care less about him) and more about calling a spade a spade. I am tired of these women who proclaim themselves to be victims when their motives are obvious from the start. Bag a pro prospect with either marriage or (even better) a child and you've got yourself a cash cow. The fact she claims she needs double the $15,000 she receives is hillarious. And to the former poster, no, I doubt the church is getting $1,500 from her from that child support check. I think Matt is stupid for putting himself into a situation with someone who needs $30,000 a month to raise a kid.


Where do you people make this up? More than half of this is total crap. And the media is only into hearing Matt and sticking up for him. You need to get your facts straight before reporting it as "fact". Lame.


Wonder if this devout Mormon, single mom is giving a % to her church. That's an awful lot of money to support a baby.

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