Britney Spears' New Single: This Time, it's For Real (and Actually Not All That Awful)

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Britney Spears has a new single... for real this time!

The wreck's new song, called "Gimme More," has been leaked to gossiper Perez Hilton. It begins with Spears declaring, "It's Britney, bitch" as the dance track opens. Hot. Perez also acquired another tune from the new album, entitled "Cold as Fire."

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CLICK HERE and HERE to listen to Britney Spears' new songs.

While "Gimme More" is by no means great, it is certainly a departure from the emotional, undermixed, god-awful slow jam leaked by Perez on August 23.

As for "Cold as Fire," well, that's not all that bad either, though the name makes about as much sense as naming your kid Sutton Pierce for about 10 minutes.

A friend of Britney Spears says "Gimme More" is a single designed to "set the tone" for her album, and fans can expect to see a music video as early as next week.

The source adds, "The song is dope. It is amazing, a fast dance song and people will love it. But don't judge the whole album by the song... it is just a first glimpse but the whole album and the stuff on it surpasses it. This album is amazing and has something for everyone. It will blow people away and people won't question that she is back."

People may not take her seriously, of course, given what we've seen from her personally in the past, oh, year. While they're not bad songs - they sound like most Britney Spears music - her image is no longer that of a sex symbol, but of a bipolar W.T. train wreck.

It's like Lindsay Lohan trying to act seriously in I Know Who Killed Me. It might be a decent movie, but we'll never know, since all we can picture is what we see every day in the tabloids - Lindsay Lohan nude, sleeping around, pole dancing and getting beaten with a shovel.

What do you think? Does Britney Spears' comeback stand a chance?

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apparently she has a blog too lol,


Everyone seems to be obessed with Britney right now for what ever reasons, but HELL YES!! SHE'LL MAKE HER COMEBACK!!! She never really left, she got pregnant from a worthless slime who never was a father to his previous children. GO BRITNEY!!!!1