Bring On Hayden Panettiere Nude: Actress Turns 18!

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The day we have been anticipating for so long has finally arrived. The amazing Hayden Panettiere is 18 years young today! Happy birthday, Hayden!

You all know what this milestone means. Hayden Panettiere can now register to vote and, next year, elect a presidential candidate who will continue the abominable Iraq war and send her away to risk her life pointlessly in a hostile, foreign land.

Sorry, Henry Hager, for that political diatribe. That was a cheap shot against your future father-in-law. It won't be the last, however.

Let's just focus on Hayden. The Heroes star and object of many adolescent male fantasies today becomes a legal adult... with all the benefits (heh, heh) therein.

Happy birthday, Hayden Panettiere, you cutie.

While there's no doubt Hayden's boyfriend, Stephen Colletti, is breathing a little easier (or heavier, if you will) on this day, it really doesn't change much for us.

Our point? Don't expect to be seeing Hayden Panettiere nude in magazines or movies anytime soon. This is actually an actress with her head on straight.

And whether she's 17 or 18, you're still 35, and dirty for thinking about it.


You're just dumb Michelle. She never had to take pictures in the first place. Nuff said.


hey vanessa u can still be a fan of vanessa's cuz like they sed...that pic waz taken waznt meant 2 be all over the internet so it waznt her fault..the guys that did it is a sex fiend just google him...hes dont that 2 other famous celebrities b4 his name is david hans schmidt...i dont know how hes always the first one 2 get all these nude photos and videos of people but he IS determined 2 get it and he does and sells them 2 magazines such as people and national dont blame nessa...its not her fault she IS 18 and young so shes just being a newly adult so let her be young and live life the way she wants...besides she IS human and a young girl and we all know that zac efron waz gunna see her naked sooner or later




give her time, she'll drop the clothes. Every actress does once the scripts dry up.


I think that she would be the last person to pose Vanessa Hudgens I was a fan of her;s til I found out she posed nude, got to and you will see where a rep for her said that the pic was "taken Privetly"'s sad...


This article was a trap D:


Love all her movies!


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Hayden Leslie Panettiere