Bionic WHOA-man: Michelle Ryan Nude Photos

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It's a proven formula:

Hot women + TV shows - Clothing = Ratings!

Take Heroes, for instance.

Some might claim that NBC series is popular because it's woven interesting characters together within an exciting science-fiction universe. Others might point to Ali Larter nude photos and rest their case.

The powers behind Bionic Woman, this network's hopeful next big show, appear to be following these same steps.

Sure, it looks like a cool concept: a regular woman is transformed into a partial robot and faces obstacles most of us don't typically encounter. But NBC probably doesn't mind that the following naked Michelle Ryan photos have been leaked online... 

After all, look what Paris Hilton naked pics and videos did for her career. If Ryan receives half the attention of that socialite, you can count Bionic Woman as a smash already.


These photos are definitely of Michelle Ryan-it's her first magazine shoot for Arena Magazine in the UK -I have a copy


This not what I would refer to nude photos, they are very well done, not anything bad to talk about, end of story


This is her - but these are not leaked photo's. I am English and these are pictures of here that came out in an English mens magazine ages ago. Very nice though..


it is her!


This is sad. Sad because Michelle Ryan is one of the most gorgeous women on the planet. And her acting ability, if it was not obvious from watching her on Eastenders, quickly became evident on BW. It's not easy to dump received pronunciation for the glop we lot have the nerve to call "American English," but she pulled it off and still came off as the gal that any American man would go out of his way to hang out with. I hope she finds a slot in the flurry of new programs that will be needed to fill the airwaves. Even if it's just a reality show. Because she is THAT good.


i'd have to agree with Scott. Although Ryan is very lovely and cute, she's NOT seductive and tough. I mean, isn't that what Bionic woman is all about!! And her whole American accent is really agitating!! It's totally bogus, her being casted as Jaime Sommers. I want someone sexy, someone with great, bouncy hair, as in my opinion Jaime Sommers has bad-hair-(every)day. Well, at least now the show has been CANCELED or at least i hope... so ya-da! g2g, as i gotta go trash michelle ryan's ridiculous acting in other blogs (just kidding, Ryan's fans).


That's definitely her.


oh my goodness this woman is so fine!!!


I just don't think that those are pix of Michelle Ryan! I've been watching Bionic Woman clips and looking at other photo's of her online...and no, these- although it's a very pretty girl- do not look like English actress Michelle Ryan?!


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