Battle of the Bangs: Zac Efron vs. Pete Wentz

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William Hung got famous for singing, "She bangs... she bangs!"

But at The Hollywood Gossip, we say: He bangs... he bangs!

There are two young studs in particular we have in mind when focusing on this hairstyle: Zac Efron and Pete Wentz.

The former, of course, is sky-rocketing up the handsome charts. He's the star of High School Musical, will be filling Kevin Bacon's shoes (literally!) in Footloose and is dating Vanessa Hudgens. And he's the owner of those beautiful blue eyes. Sigh.

Meanwhile, Pete Wentz has more questionable taste in women. He's seen Ashlee Simpson naked a bunch of times and we can only imagine how painful that much plastic is to spoon with. He's also into music.

So, celebrity gossip readers, which of these young stars looks the hottest? And can you even make such a decision when news of Britney Spears making love to Shannon Funk is such a distraction?

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pete kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and zac efron thinks he is just a pretty boy look at the pics pete wentz is lookin at the camera and zac efron ducks his head prob jelous cuz pete wentz got the looks and he knows he is goin to lose


u know y pete wentz deos not have as many music videos as zac efron because zac efron is gay and he thinks he is hot is not. pete wentz he loves rock and zac efron loves gay musical songs, pete wentz beats him any day i would like to see them fight if the did pete wentz would tottaly win pete wentz is hot,sexy and really really FAN


I really love PETE WENTZ he is like the hotttesttt man in the world right now and i mean it he is soooooooo SEXY!!!!!!!!


U people don't no wat u r talkin' bout I REALLY LOVE PETE WENTZ he is the BOMB!!!!!!!
he also sings plays guitar and his hair is just to SEXY i wish i could have my hair like that but you no wat i love his hair like that and my hair like that but i do like my hair kinda down to my shoulders and kinda carmal lookin' hair color!!!! and just think that zac efron dud doesn't have any of that, that my pete has!!! I REALLY LOVE PETE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ASHLEE SIMPSON~


Pete is sooooooooooooooo hot


They both have a lot of talent but zac is soooooo much cutter and just cuze he`s
a pretty boy dont mean hes gay cuze Zac efron is definetly straight.
but pete`s just plain ugly but at least he has good hair and even thats not as good as zac efrons!!!!!!


Zac Efron is not gay just cuze he`s cute yall think
hes gay kiss my white ass zac Efron on a scale from 1 to 10 on hottnes hes like a 10 or over petes not even atractive at all hes got that big head with ugly hair and it looks like hes related to a gorilla from his jaw line what do you hoes seen in him other than money OMG i love you Zac Efron


if zac was lip singing they would have to put someone elses fukn name on CD you Jackasses
Zac is way cuter and i can hardly tell if petes takin
a shower in the last month Zac has asome hair and is way more talintent pete just fukin ugly anyone who disagrese is retarted or has cateracts




HAHA i find this amusing because im ADDICTED to pete hes freeking HOT and my best mate Emmy is CRAZY for zac we both have the same msn names mines heatherwentz x3 and hers is emmyefron x3 but anyway PETE's fit zac is BLAH !!! xo

Pete Wentz Biography

Katie Holmes: Prisoner? Quote-unquote rock music performer. That's Pete Wentz. For awhile he was not dating Ashlee Simpson. Or maybe he was. He wouldn't say.... More »
Wilmette, Illinois
Full Name
Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III

Pete Wentz Quotes

The first time we really hung out she flashed me.

Pete Wentz [on Ashlee Simpson]

She's kind of like a super-assistant that you can have sex with.

Pete Wentz [on Ashlee Simpson]
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