Battle of the Bangs: Zac Efron vs. Pete Wentz

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William Hung got famous for singing, "She bangs... she bangs!"

But at The Hollywood Gossip, we say: He bangs... he bangs!

There are two young studs in particular we have in mind when focusing on this hairstyle: Zac Efron and Pete Wentz.

The former, of course, is sky-rocketing up the handsome charts. He's the star of High School Musical, will be filling Kevin Bacon's shoes (literally!) in Footloose and is dating Vanessa Hudgens. And he's the owner of those beautiful blue eyes. Sigh.

Meanwhile, Pete Wentz has more questionable taste in women. He's seen Ashlee Simpson naked a bunch of times and we can only imagine how painful that much plastic is to spoon with. He's also into music.

So, celebrity gossip readers, which of these young stars looks the hottest? And can you even make such a decision when news of Britney Spears making love to Shannon Funk is such a distraction?

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no way people ...pete is rockstar but zac is more ...zac and johnny depp i love .


oohhhhh mannn zac is the onneee ...hmm ...the eyess ...and ville valo ..but zac is the one...


Sorry honey Pete wins hands down. :P


I like u zac. Im 100% sure tht u'll win. U r so cute zac with ur blue eyes. U r a very talented boy. U have lots of fans here in my country. I really like u. Keep it up!!!


zac wins!
he is so cute^^


omfg pete wentz is so sexy i fill bad who votes on zac efron he is so gay


hey Xander r u still here? if so write back


lol i like zac`s hair but pete is sooooo much better , he can play bass guitar and do vocals, zac can only do vocals, and i love fall out boy 100% pete wentz!


hey all u fans of me go buzz off oete wentz kicks my butt all the way so go cock off dont vote for me i am gay i did it with micheal jackson i am a pretty boy and pete is better than me so dont vote 4 me ok.


hey bailey mills and bailey gibson y dont u call zac efron hot (not) oh thats right cuz he is not hot at all. u girls just like his blue eyes u know wat i think about that rugrbuyfd, now pete wentz is wut u call HOT,SEXY AND FINE NOT CUTE cut is like a little puppy. buzz off zac bitches