Audrina Patridge Defends Justin "Bobby" Brescia

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Haters be damned! The Hills' Audrina Patridge couldn't care less if fans of her hit reality show are skeptical of the relationship she's revived with her ex Justin "Bobby" Brescia.

"Of course we have our feuds and everything, but it's fun having him part of the show," says Audrina Patridge, who works at Epic Records when she's not being Lauren Conrad's BFF.

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"He is so cute!"

LC hasn't looked too thrilled about Justin Brescia so far, but other pals of the star, who have watched the couple's off-and-on dating for two years now, say they've seen plenty of evidence that the hairstylist, 25, is the one for Audrina.

"The core people around Audrina's life know what Justin-Bobby means to her," says a friend.

"It's not like he's just pursuing her to be on the show ... he is dealing with the show so he can continue to be part of her life."

It's a gesture not lost on Audrina Patridge.

"He is so not used to having the cameras around," she says. "He hates it, but he does it for me."

So should we take Justin-Bobby off the list of boyfriends on The Hills that we can't stand (a list that includes Jason Wahler and Spencer Pratt)?

Tell us what you think.


well i think justin bobby is the kind of guy our parents warned us about, and he enjoys being that guy..he evidentally is comfartable in his skin because he is real..and being real is better than being fake..i just think he needs to learn how to treat women, exspecially one like audrina..he should consider her a prize..


he's perfect, just look at him who wouldn't want to hang with him.. and the bad boy style makes It all just sexier haha


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Hes cool I like him. But who is he really?


Is it just me...or does anyone else wish Justin "Bobby" would give up the white T's..


Johnny Depp Jr.


I can't stand him, he is an ass. Any guy who left me, would never see me again. He is almost creepier then spencer.


I knew Justin before he was "Justin Bobby", last thing I knew he was in a band in Los Angeles called EdstanleY. He was playing drums for another sexy,introspective, chill musician in LA named Scott Gripe. Their sound is super unique and I'm thinkin in time it could be huge. Here's their myspace url if u check em out:


I love this guy. He is handsome and has a real personality rather than the "pretend" personalities of all the gang on The Hills. Gosh, those other guys are so much alike that they could morph in and out of one another and no one would know! Seems that Whitney, Audrinna and Justin have that "something" that the rest are lacking.

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