America Ferrera and Ryan Piers Williams: House Hunting!

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Someone sure finds Ugly Betty pretty.

With the Emmy Awards coming up, American Ferrera is spending her free time house hunting with longtime boyfriend, Ryan Piers Williams.

America Ferrera Image

"They're excited about it," a source told People magazine. "All that matters to them is that they are together and that they find somewhere private. They aren't one of those flashy couples."

Flashy couple? To whom could this person be referring, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron?

Ferrera first met Williams, an aspiring director at University of Southern California, when he cast her in his student film. Together, they have a golden retriever named Buddy.

In other Ugly Betty news, meanwhile, take a look at Rebecca Romijn nude. She's cute.


In what sense do you consider Zac and Vanessa to be a flashy couple. They kept their relationship under wraps for as long as they could before the media and the paparazzi had to be so intrusive and butt in. They still even havent fully admitted to their relationship. Seriously, use other couples as an example to that, like Ben and Jen or Nicole and Joel....