Wrestling Columnist Remembers Chris Benoit

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Pete Ellis is a wrestling columnist for TheWrestlingPost.com. He recently ran the following piece on the life and death of Chris Benoit...

A lot of things have been said since the untimely demise of Chris Benoit and his family a few weeks ago.

Many of his fans have journeyed to Atlanta to leave flowers at the gate of his large suburban home. Others consider the events the act of a madman or a drug addict who deserves to be condemned for his actions.

The WWE has all but washed its hands of Benoit and his legacy since the day after the initial announcement of his death. WWE.com went from a Benoit memorial to "MOVING RIGHT ALONG! NOTHING TO SEE HERE!" overnight.

But for whatever it's worth - for the public, for the media, and for wrestling fans everywhere - I will never forget Chris Benoit. In my opinion, he stands as the greatest in-ring performer in the history of wrestling. I will not forget his accomplishments or what he meant to me as a fan.

William Regal said it best the Monday his death was announced. Regal didn't gush about his passing or speculate as to any of the details. He simply said Benoit was the best ever, and he was right.

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I don't know oyhers, guys i believe there was only only one person won made me watch WWE was Benoit. Today WWE wipe out all his achivements, there is no Benoit in WWE history. i wanna say you cannot do it. Next generation should know how greater in ring performar was he and should take lesson what shouldn't you do with your life. If you talk about Edde Gerrero then you have to talk about his best buddy. more over what will WWE reply if any body asks "WHO WON THE WORLD HEAVY WAIGHT TITEL IN WRESTLE MANIA 20?" I request to WWE to give the respect to this GLADIATOR.


Perfect work!


i want to collect chris benoit's t-shirts please mail me from where can i get those t-shirts. please mail friends.


who the hell thinks we shud forget chris. people who think like that i think those are mad. what matters us is his in ring and on screen performances. what he did to himself and his family was his personal problem we have no right to interfere in it. he was the best he is the best and he will remain the best technical wrestler of all time. i think wwe has not done a good thing by taking of his merchendise. they earned so money because of him and how can they desert him now when he is no more. god forgive all his mistakes and rest him in peace. love ou chris.


I am a chris benoit fan myself and i wish they would keep selling things from t-shirts and toys of chris benoit he will always be #1 in my book
And i agree Vince McMahon--BURN IN HELL.


Chris Benoit was one of my favorite wrestlers. I truly believe that Vince (WWE's boss) had alot to do with it due to the fact that he's a stariod user himself. I hope police and investegators nail his butt! Chris didn't deserve to die the way he did. My deepest syphony to him and his family. Long live Chris's memories in the wrestling entertainment. And as for Vince--BURN IN HELL!!!


I loved watching Chris Benoit and i still do believe that benoit cannot do such thing. i believe in him n i know that he is completely innocent. without chris benoit in the wwe, i dnt like watching. was watching wrestling only because i was a great fan of Chris Benoit.n nw without him WRESTLING IS BORING!


Chris Benoit was my favourite. I find it hard to believe this was a double murder suicide, and people should not be so quick to condemn him.
The WWE ir wrong in ignoring this tragedy.
The facts have not all come out yet.


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